African wax prints commonly known as Ankara, has dominated the international clothing industries. Ankara is a representation of our unique African culture and it’s positive vibes. It is primarily associated with Africa because of it’s tribal patterns and motifs.

The Ankara fabric, has become a fashion trend for people in West Africa. Even celebrities all over the globe relish the varieties of unique styles of the Ankara fabric. Fit for all body sizes, the Ankara can be rocked on various occasions or events (formal or informal). And this is the part where choosing the color or pattern of the Ankara wax depends wholly on you, not to mention how creative your tailor is.

Years ago, the best that could be achieved with the Ankara fabric was the traditional Iro and Buba. But today, the African print is used to make a lot of fashion items which include blazers, gowns, blouses, swim suit, shorts, trousers, or even blended with wedding gowns!

Ankara is worn round the globe today irrespective of origin and cultures, and it may surprise you to learn that 80 percent of Ankara fabrics, are no longer made in Africa. Research has shown that although Ankara originated in Indonesia, was produced by the Dutch and the English, China is now taking the centerpiece in the production of beautiful Ankara fabric.

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The Ankara styles have revolutionized over the years without restrictions, emerging from the traditional loose blouse and wrapper, to body fitted or hug style. Ankara swim suits are making waves in the fashion industry; Peplum tops, Jumpsuits, ball gowns, bridal gowns, men’s corporate suits, are all part of the Ankara style ideas seen on runways during fashion shows. Top Hollywood, music, run-way divas, and celebrities such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, Naomi Campbell, Agbani Darego, Kelly Rowland, Lupita Nyong’o, and even Michelle Obama, have embraced the Ankara world. So, why not see the different ways to rock it? Either as trousers or shorts for males with a monochrome polo, shirts, complete with either sneakers, sandals and of course even shoes.
Ladies not left out, can have pencil skirts or gowns, nicely done up in Ankara to go with heels!

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So, what reasons prevents YOU, from donning Ankara outfits? After all Ankara is pocket friendly, makes you look real nice and gets outdated .So when next you decide to update your wardrobe, why not consider some Ankara in part or in whole ,and be assured the look of an African Gent .

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