Change we all asked for, we brought  them into make the change but yet the change they made changes us, we sat down and said: This changed has done more harm than good to us, do we really need the change? Is this the type of change we asked for?
Currently now, most of the people in different part of the country are currently lamenting about the situation happening around them, if we really need the change then what are the actions we’ve took pertaining the change we want? Then we the people need to make a change within our community! Does the community really feel our presence among them? We the educated elites, what impact have we done to change our society? Is there any betterment the people can derive from us? We all need to think this through and lastly we say, our country is bad and do they really need our help? There is no more explanation to be made on this anymore, all these we are going through is all because of change! Will our minds be at peace when all these change ends? Till when are these change going to start having positive effects and there will be no more sacrifice of innocent lives?
This is all about the things the people think of everyday and the change they hope for.

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We are sending a message to the government and we all hope they hear us out and send a message back! We all need to strive and fight for this change. It begins from the minor stage before reaching the major one!


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