Diary of a Barren Woman: Alani and my womb.

Maami, how can you utter such sacrilegious words to my Eledaa
Taking the web of your words to trap me like the Apeja
Tori Iyi, I have to endure branding and esin
So much that you are thirsting for the brain sucking pepper
That comes with the ogunfe of the new baby boy
That you you have closed your ears to my agony to forced penetration
Maami, I am not the one without a liver
I cannot own the business and yet be the customer
Igba a run
I cannot be the King and yet be the Subjects
Ilu maa saalaisi
Will I be the carrier and the host too?
Maami abami eda will be my name
I am subjected to the endless thrusting of dead cells
You are all brawling infertility
Alamo does not have seeds
You can’t plant maize with holes and expect agbada ogi nla Kan
Amo, I have to shut up, be silent
Eewo ni, a man cannot be impotent in this land
He is the head, always strong, always right
And the one with the breasts?
Ah, ebi is that which is hers
Only the woman is infertile
Ara okunrin o le koko.

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©Thenalee. 2020


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