Chains break
When they get weary of chaining
And the chained gets tired of struggling
Free the brooding mother hen
Mourning over, her wrangled and helpless chicks
It was not like this suddenly
Until one day
When the guns went boom
And danger began to loom
We started to run helter skelter
To look for protective shelter
Hovering above us;eagles and hawks of doom
Spelling a curse of abduction
Helplessness mangled with defeat
Hoping for better days ahead
The hopelessness of a hopeless brooding mother hen
Over the chicks
But wait!
What is this I hear
A roar of life?
Release them!
Free us!
Release us!
Free them!
Chains lose your power
Free us ;back to the soil
Germinate hopes to make the rise again
To make happy again;
The mother

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