COVID-19: Dear Students; Safe traveling measures to abide with while leaving Ile Ife and The OAU Community

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It is no longer news that the University management has announced the closure of the university and has given a directive for all students the vacate the University premises latest 5pm on Monday 23rd March, 2020.

So it is obvious most Great Ife students will be traveling out of the community into various states among with some have already encountered cases of COVID-19.

Hours to the proposed date of travel, make sure to avoid large gatherings, avoid contact with supposed sick personnel, sanitize your hands or better still wash carefully and thoroughly from time to time. If you feel any sign of illness in you, it is not advisable for you to embark on your trip because being sick makes you more vulnerable to any form of viral infection.

On the proposed date of travel, make sure to avoid transport vehicles with inadequate ventilation system, transport vehicles likely to attract a large number of passengers such as large buses; it is advisable to make use of cars with less passengers or better still, rent a personal transport vehicle to convey you or call on any guardian or your parent to come over to pick you up.
Whenever you find yourself amidst a large crowd i.e after getting off your mode of transport, you could make use of a face mask and also do well to keep a reasonable distance between you and a random person, make sure you are swift and quick in your movement till you get to a less populated area.

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After your arrival at your destination, wash your hands carefully and sanitize it, also do well to go into isolation for about 24hours and after that you may pay a private visit to a good and efficiently-working Health clinic to get some tests done for safety purposes.

We implore you to stay safe throughout this break period, stick to the preventive measures set up by the Federal Government and the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (@NCDCgov) and adhere to the Federal Government directives to curb the spread of the virus.

Inside OAU Media wishes you and the generality of the OAU community; Students and Staff a safe and sound trip devoid of complications, and a safe scintillating holiday.

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