Yellow(ray of sunshine)

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Hello Lovers!!!!!
How has been life without having to leave the house??
Mine has been fair­čÖé.

So it’s all about colour yellow today (adding a lil bit of sunshine to take our mind off these gloomy days). Yellow is the colour of happiness and happens to be in trend (it also happens to be my favourite colour­čśë).

Below are few of the best colours to pair with yellow;

Yellow with Black
If you happen to wear a mostly black outfit, yellow is a colour to add to make the whole outfit pop. It is a classic combination.

Yellow with White
This is by far the easiest way to slay your yellow. It can go all the way from casual to chic to corporate outfit.

Yellow with Cream
If yellow and white seem too fierce a combination,cream is a way to rock yellow with a softer touch.

Yellow with Dark purple
This is one combination I’m excited about. These colours balance each other out while still looking so beautiful. The yellow colour adds brightness to the outfit and the dark purple allows the yellow to shine in a controlled way


Yellow with Navy
I think navy is the perfect complement for yellow because it goes with any shade of yellow. This is another classic combination.

Yellow happens to be one of the best way to pop or make a statement.

Remember to stay safe and stay homeÔŁĄ.

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