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The following day, on the National Broadcasting network, amidst high tension in the air, the Electoral Commission Chairman announced the emergence of the leading opposition party candidate representing the People’s choice, Dr.Mrs Halima Omoyeni as the winner of the recently concluded Presidential poll which put many politicians including both the current administration, the ruling party and the other opposition party on how a female contender could have defeated the stronger candidates.

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There was a mixed reaction of relief and shock from the public, an aura of disbelief and shock from the camp of the incumbent administration and an aura of joyous moment flooded the camp of the People’s choice in which the Prof and his friend were among.

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Immediately, swinging into action, Rather than having congratulatory visits, The President-elect called for a strictly by invitation meeting of party stakeholders to discuss the future of the party as well as the nation prior to the Swearing-in ceremony slated to hold three weeks after the announcement of the results. The Vice President-elect, Dr. Sola Adedeji, The Party National Chairman, Jerry Ola, Deputy National Chairman, Director General of her campaign organization, National Secretary, Deputy President of the Upper Chamber, Speaker of the Lower Chamber, all party Parliamentarians and some other top-notch politicians as well as the key ones who decamped to the party before the election were invited to the all-round table discussion by the President. Prof Opeloyeru and Mallam Abidemi were among those invited to grace the occasion.

Upon arrival at the residence of Dr.Mrs Halima Omoyeni, sparing no one, several protocols had to be observed due to the high level of security that had been beefed up since the announcement of her victory to avoid any form of scandal or attacks, Prof Opeloyeru felt insulted by the protocols he was subjected to as he was the first to arrive but swallowed his pride and secretly vowed to pay Dr.Mrs Omoyeni back for it. Everybody arrived thereafter subsequently including his bosom friend, Mallam Abidemi.

Pleasantries were exchanged by everybody and the meeting came to a start with the President-elect and Vice President-elect thanking every body that made their victory in the polls possible before proceeding to the proposed plans of the day.

The President-elect proceeded ” Thank you all for the sacrifices you all made to ensure our victory at the polls. We promise not to let anybody down including the Public who voted us into office. With our massive victory at the state level and the legislative arm, i expect a strong administrative synergy that will ensure all goes on well between the executive, the state government and the legislative. After much consultations with the Party leadership and major stakeholders, i am pleased to announce to you the list of those that will make up the executive cabinet, key appointments and other related key positions in our Parastatals, Agencies and Ministries in the Federal and State level “.

The President-elect proceeded by listing out the names of the Executive Cabinet i.e the Ministers with Professor Opeloyeru and Mallam Abidemi listening tentatively as if their lives depended on it.

Do you think they both made the list?

Do you think they both failed to make the list?

Do you think one of them failed to make list?

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Damola Badmos (Carrick)

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