Who was the first woman to discover Corona Virus?
This isn’t the first occurrence of The Corona Virus (2019/2020), history quite has a pattern of repeating itself.
A Scottish lady, June Almedia, who was the daughter of a bus driver discovered the human virus.
Her works have been brought to the light since her death in 2007. The COVID-19 is a mutated virus, therefore it is a new virus of ‘The Corona Virus’. Dr. June Almedia discovered the first Corona Virus at her laboratory in St. Thomas’ Hospital in London in 1964.
June was born in June Hart in the year 1930 and grew up in the north east of Glasgow. A determined lady who left school at age 16 and got a job as a laboratory technician in hispathology at Glasgow Royal Infirmary.
She came up with a scientific method to visualize viruses by using antibodies to compile them.
Doctor Tyrell and his team who grew some common cold associated viruses collected from the nasal washings of volunteers, observed other viruses, like the B814 which could transmit cold symptoms couldn’t be cultured in the cell but could grow in organ culture.
Dr. Almedia was sent the samples which she described as having attributes like The Influenza virus but not alike.
She identified what became as the first Corona Virus. Herself with Dr. Tyrell and Prof Tony Waterson named the strain B814 ‘Corona Virus’ due to halo surrounding it on the viral image.
Source: BBC News

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