Rona, I hope I have your attention, as you have the worlds,
I hope I don’t need 197,846 lost lives to make my message worthy of passing?


I heard you’ve plunged the world into total despair without an atom or Biochemical Bomb
I heard soldiers are not deployed to kill one another anymore rather keep citizens right in their room.

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You made what environmentalist couldn’t achieve in years done in just 3 months
I heard China and Philadelphia breathes fresh air,
Oh! Just fresh air without the grace to have it


Do you believe, you’ve made us realized All Roads Leads Home (Family)
Do you believe, we now just want to live and survive, rather than own cars and ladies
Do you believe we now build health centers in the twinkle of an eye?


Thanks to you, My daddy now see the worth of my Mum
Thanks to you, I now have my parent’s attention



Have you seen the NEWS?
Have you heard of millions of affected displaced people?
Have you seen the psychological distress the world is facing?


Have you seen the Jobless peasants?
Have you seen Non-Schooling Youths?
Have you seen Italy and America in total shambles?


Have you heard the cries of the mother that lost her only child?
Have you seen the fear on the world’s faces that they might not be able to live to see another year?


We’ve heard enough death cries.
We miss being able to see our loved ones entertain us.
We miss being able to hug our relatives and friends.
We miss the 4 walls of Schools and our workplace.

Don’t entertain RONA,
Wash RONA of your hands and thy sleeves,
Stay at home and keep RONA at bay.

David Arams

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