Obafemi Awolowo University also known as Great Ife has been widely believed to be the most beautiful campus, not just in Nigeria but also in Africa. I must say that this is a huge assertion.

Spending almost 4 years in this institution, there is no doubt in agreeing assertively with the statement. I mean, OAU is blessed with a beautiful layout, well-planned vegetation, good and well-connected roads and finally, jaw-dropping structures.

Many OAU structures will leave you wondering how on earth the contractors were able to come with a design like this and not just that, how were they able to erect such masterpiece. When you take a walk around OAU campus, you will be surprised at the number of beautiful and mind-blowing structures you will come across.

Sequel to a very high turn-up percentage at the voting poll put out few days ago and having compiled the results, Here are the Top 5 most beautiful structures in the Africa’s Most Beautiful Campus, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife

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Read through to enjoy. In a numerically descending order,


In the poll organized, the New Faculty of EDM Building came 5th and hell is it worth it!

The construction of the new building of the Faculty of Environmental Design and Management was completed early 2019. The Faculty of EDM has been in existence since 1970 with the main site (Old building) located behind the Faculty of Agriculture that leads to the Staff quarters of the University. The Faculty has a total of 6 departments which include Architecture, Building, Estate Management, Fine Arts, Quantity Surveying with Urban and Regional Planning. The Old Building is still in service as just few departments were moved to the New Building.

The New EDM Building is estimated to possibly be the longest building in West Africa or beyond due to how amazing the length of the building is. The interior of the structure is also mindblowing despite being full of lecture theatres, laboratories and lecturers offices. The length of the building is more than the OAU Historical Museum and Faculty of Pharmacy combined together. It stretches about 0.3km from the College of Health Sciences through the Faculty of Pharmacy and Historical Museum. New EDM building is a nice and amazing place to check out on the Africa’s Most Beautiful Campus. Do well to try it out if you haven’t.


The newly renovated building may not be known as a mind-blowing structure, but it is surely recognised as one of the most beautiful on OAU campus. In the poll organised, the Faculty of Pharmacy building came 4th in the most beautiful buildings on campus and hell is it worth it!

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The wide two-storey building is painted in reddish-brown and white and is just a 5-minute walk from the school bus stop. The stairs leading to the entrance of the faculty are closely guarded by the popular yellow and green Ficus Panda flowers. After that, you will then come in contact with a sculpture which is perceived to be chemical compounds with the inscription “Rx” on it.

On the inside, it appears stadium-like, in the sense that, the centre of the building is free and blessed abundantly with gravel which act as a sort of design. Surrounding it are lecturers offices, lecture theatres, laboratories and a buttery. Everything inside this building is nothing short of beauty. Beautiful and bright colours were used to paint as opposed to the reddish-brown used on the outer surface.

When next you come into the most beautiful campus, you should step a foot into the Faculty of Pharmacy to behold the beauty therein.



The old and ancient wonderful building popularly known as SPIDER is one of the most beautiful structures in Obafemi Awolowo University and it was constructed by the Isreali Architects. Located at the far end of the University, near the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering as well as the Faculty of Agriculture, this structure; Spider is not only pleasing to the eyes but also aesthetical as it depicts the beauty of art so its securing the 3rd spot in the top 5 most beautiful structures should not be doubtful at all.

As the name implies, the roof and main body of the building has a spider-like shape and structure despite the old and dilapidating condition it gets day by day due to it being a very ancient building.

Spider building comprises three departments under the Faculty of Technology namely Mechanical Engineering (MEE), Civil Engineering ( CVE) and Material Science and Engineering (MSE). It also includes a number of classrooms and laboratories in it. Merely looking at this building from the inside may not really make a meaning of the word “Spider” to you but taking a glance or glimpse at the building from above outside gives you a factual spiderlike picture.

The top of the building however looks like cemented spider legs with its structures.

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Spider is also known to be scary at night when it’s dark because the building is considered spooky by some people who have a high sense of fear; phobia.

The Spider building is indeed a beautiful building to behold with one’s eyes and not only a story to be told or narrated to someone!



Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife has continued to receive accolades for decades now as a result of her distinguished components most especially the Natural Historical Museum. The Natural Historical Museum has been at the forefront of conservation research in Nigeria because of it being a repository of natural objects.

Since its establishment in 1974, the Museum of Natural History, located to the East, the Post Graduate College; the North, the Faculty of Technology; the West, the Faculty of Pharmacy; and the South, the new Faculty of EDM building has continually attract crowd of visitors to its exhibit. The structure is just too unique for what a normal museum can be–like the architectural design is just too dope, too captivating and rare so its hitting the 2nd place for the top 5 most beautiful structures is not by mistake.

The preservation and display of unique living things in the interior of the structure have paved way for increasing touristic activities in the Nation. The historical organisms kept in the museum are also too captivating and amazing. Affirming this, records have shown that in 2005, the museum recorded over 250,000 visitors and has increased by about 5% annually.The Museum has since many years rose to the standard of being a veritable centre for training and research activities.

Moreover, the Natural Historical Museum has received celebration from its beautiful architectural structure which was designed by James Cubitt Adenuga Company and also won an architectural award in London. Thus, the celebration of the Natural History Museum is fully expected following the diversified purposes.

This study has shown that the Natural Historical Museum is such a unique Museum which has been ranked best in decades by many reputable tourist agencies as one of the major places of interest in Nigeria. You really need to check it out!



Overtime, Obafemi Awolowo University has been widely known for its academic prowess, coupled with the fact that it is one of the Universities in Africa with the best architectural designs.

These buildings are widely recognized for their flawless structures and designs.

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Of these flawless buildings which TOPPED the list of the 5 most beautiful structures in Obafemi Awolowo University is the Great Amphitheatre and Oduduwa Hall, formerly known as the Assembly Hall. Located to the North, the Student’ Union Building; to the South, the Hezekiah Oluwasanmi Library; to the East, the Faculty of Science; and the University Secretariat to the West, it is one of the oldest top-notch architectural designs in the country.

These two buildings are significant structures from the renowned architect Arieh Sharon (1900- 1984). Oduduwa Hall is said to be the University’s most flamboyant building due to the layout, coupled with the fact that it is structurally designed with an adjacent building, Amphitheatre as well as two lecture theatres namely ODLT I and ODLT II at the ground level.

Oduduwa Hall (1972–1976) is named after the mythic ancestor of the Yoruba King and has a statue of the Yoruba King in front of it. The building, Oduduwa Hall has a sitting capacity of 1500 seats while the aligned enormous theatre; Amphitheatre is a flawlessly designed building with 5000 capacity. The auditorium is widely known for its use for well organized and significant events such as Inaugural lectures, Multi-National company programs, Concerts, while the theatre is being used for lectures-taking, Matriculation, Shows, among other glorious applications.

It is worthy to note that not only is Oduduwa Hall a flawlessly designed building, but the interior is well beatified as well. Comfortable sofa chairs, Good lighting, Air conditioners, and Standby sound systems are what comprises the interior.

Keep it in mind that there are still a lot of wondrous and amazing structures that you really need to check out such as the Faculty of Agriculture (the former University Secretariat as well as the only Faculty with a fountain in the University), the College of Health Sciences, the Senate Building, the new ICT centre extension as well as the Triplet building(Interconnecting chambers between the Faculties of Administration, Law and Social Sciences among others.

Compiled by Fiyin, Tomilola-Bilal, Josh, PongAxis and Carrick.

We hope you enjoyed this exhilarating piece.

Stay tuned to InsideOAUmedia always for more creative contents, latest trending news as well as other wonderful contents.

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