Mike Tyson’s company to secure Camp Nou naming rights


FC Barcelona had announced early last week that they would be selling the camp nou naming rights for the first ever since its inception in 1957 and the proceeds from it would be donated to the Barca foundation to combat the Corona virus pandemic.

The Nou Camp which has its capacity set at 99,354, which is the largest stadium in Europe, in terms of capacity would be given a different name for the first time ever.

The Iconic Boxing legend, Mike Tyson’s cannabis company, along with his business partner, Alki David, are currently in a bid to secure the naming rights to Barcelona’s stadium. A lot of other big companies and sponsors are also in the race to win the naming rights, Qatar airways, Rakuten, Stanley and many others.

Alki David, who was born in Lagos, Nigeria, but has a British passport and is also a Billionaire, is confident on securing the deal with the Blaugrana and has also indicated that negotiations are ongoing with the club.


“Swissx Nou Camp has a nice ring to it. That is my preferred choice at the moment” he said.

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