It’s true that beauty is a virtue that lies within but we can’t help but get attracted to a handsome look when you see one.

We do have a lot of guys in OAU ranging from handsome to gorgeous to dark/fair to tall/short to classic looking guys but the question that comes to mind is; Which department has the cutest guys?.

So we bring to you the top 4 departments in OAU with the cutest guys in no particular order;


Guys found in the faculty of Law are arguably one of the cutest in OAU. Dressed in their white shirt and black pants which makes them look like a corporate model.
Nevertheless,they also look good in casuals and outfits that isn’t their usual black and white.

Looking for tall/average height,well dressed and highly fashionable guys, you’d find them in this department.

IG: Ben_tito_king


Architecture is one of the departments under the faculty of Environmental Design and Management, OAU.

The very big fact about this department is that being a student requires that you’re able to pay proper attention to details and this trait is one that the guys(majorly) haven’t hesitated to extend to their mode of dressing.
They take extra care of their skin thereby making them look all groomed, neat and detailed.

IG: furtune_oye


It’s no news that guys in college are usually really handsome and cute. This is where you’ll find the cutest nerds in the school.

Apart from the exceptionally tailored outfits and serene composure, they are by far, one of the most fashionable.

PS: This may be due to the fact that they(the students) are already being called ‘Doctors’ right from school and in return, they dress like one; Neat, Composed, Stylish yet Simple.



The low-key cute guys, in fact they could be tagged, beautiful boys. The faculty of pharmacy holds a portion of the cutest guys in OAU. As a lady you’d easily be swept off your feet by their charming looks.

Do you agree with the list? You can drop a comment telling us the departments with the cutest guys !


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