Scrolling through my Twitter feed in the wee hours of the morning,same as I’ve always done for the past four months. Man’s gotta see more of those tweets right?. Usually,some of these tweets were just for fun while some I didn’t even pay attention to at all, I mean who doesn’t get tired of ‘drop your account numbers, we’ll be picking randomly’ and yet you are never a random user on Twitter….Ugh.
Another few more scrolls, I heard my sister murmur out of her sleep. She said something that caught my attention’I miss school’. Wow,what a complete sentence for anybody to murmur while half dead. Only then did it hit me that it must have gotten to the point of near insanity,being on lockdown for more than 3weeks due to the Pandemic. I thought about various WhatsApp Updates, Tweets and even messages I got on my phone….. Did anybody actually really miss school in it’s self? I mean did we actually miss school because of the concept school?.
I decided to make my findings for that day.

5pm and I was as exhausted as a search dog. Phew! It wasn’t so easy. Checking my jottings from messages I got, and from the status updates, I couldn’t help but marvel at what a lot of people thought about school.
“It’s not like I miss classes,who the hell does that, who misses classes??. I just wish I
didn’t have to be bottled up this way”
“To be honest, I’m not tired of staying indoors, I’m just tired of the people I stay indoors with”
“Ah, the kind of freedom I got in school ehn,0.1% can’t be given to me here”
“Even though we are not on lockdown,I know I can’t possibly go anywhere, these over-protective parents.”
“It has gotten to the point of me missing classes,how can I miss White House???”
A lot of these replies cracked me up but some of them still hit me. Many students did use school as a getaway from their families, the endless complaints about their way of talking, their way of dressing, the way they spend too much time on their phones. This is just a faction of the emotional torture many people face at home. From parents who don’t see any other reasonable thing besides home training, “don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend” to the siblings who never seem to understand what privacy really is, a lot of students are hanging on to their last threads of sanity.
Our only relief as students right now is our phones. Practically everyone finds solace in their phones. Even Live videos on Instagram have reportedly had higher participants than ever. The extent to which airtime vendors are making sales are amazing and this is no surprise because even churches, organizations, classes, humanitarian groups have now continued their activities online. To why we actually miss school can never be unanimous because there’s the fair girl in Faculty of Arts who just wants to get away from her parents, the never seem to understand her, there’s the guy with the long legs in Medical Rehabilitation who just missed the football matches to watch in Fajuyi Hall, there’s the supposedly gentle lad in Geography who missed his friends and the smiling miss who misses White House for the endless headaches and stress.
To me, I miss everything about Ife, about OAU, about long walks I love to take. To final year students, maybe there’s still some way for completing your 4,5,6 years on OAU campus this year. And to those of us who have forgotten our E-Portal Passwords, it shall not end in tears.
From Inside OAU Media, we really hope and pray that this Pandemic stops very quickly and soon enough to get things back on track. Stay Safe, Stay healthy, Stay alive.

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