Falling in love they say is the best thing that can happen to a man. It comes with pure happiness and a sense of fulfillment. Falling in love means looking past someone’s flaws and loving them despite it.

OAU Students could be very unpredictable at times with all of their attitude and flair. Nonetheless, when an OAU student is truly in love their thoughts are controlled by more of emotions and less of the mind.

How do you know when an OAU student loves you? Listed below are some of the popular signs;

Extreme rush of joy
There’s a good chance that if an OAU student is in love with you,they feel overwhelmingly giddy and happy when they’re with you.

A sign they’re falling in love is when you feel a growing empathy from them i.e when you’re sad,it saddens them too or when you’re happy,it makes them happy too.
Your happiness matters to them which makes you go out of your way sometimes- from doing little things like getting you icecream from your favourite store to doing grand things.

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Clues from friends
OAU students are very protective of their friends. When they notice their friend really likes you they show sudden interest in you and ask lots of personal questions to know you better.

Everything feels exciting
Everything feels exciting because they start to think about one million things to do with the person they’re falling for. From thinking of this loved one when they see a romantic movie preview or when they’re planning to make a quick trip to the nearest fast food place.

They become supportive
When an OAU student is in love with you,they become supportive of your ambition. They support you with all of their resources; from prayers to money to all the care in the world.

Do you agree with these signs? Drop a comment letting us know how you knew you were in love.


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