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I bet you had heard several times that Obafemi Awolowo University is one of the safest campuses in Nigeria. Yes, there is not doubt in that as it is very legit. However there are still some places one should always watch his or her six at night, especially as a fresher due to the newness to the university community and mainly as a female because of the vulnerable nature embedded in them . Note that OAU is still safe but human intentions are subject to changes. Here is the list of some areas to be avoided mostly at night.

Faculty of Agriculture area: Faculty of Agric area is one of the most notorious places vulnerable to crazy deeds at night. It is always dark, silent and devoid of movement most times. Although there hasnt been official reports of attacks or molestations recently, the area which doesnt have any visible light is too prone to any form of irregularity but only when you successfully enter into the faculty can your safety be guaranteed so it’s best to avoid the area at night.

Chemical Engineering area: Among the places to avoid is also the area of the department of Chemical Engineering. Chemical Engineering area is surrounded by big trees that could serve as a place for ambush for illicit attacks. The big trees also cloud the area with immense darkness that if you aren’t with any source of light, you’d stumble many times. Apart from the thick big trees, you wouldn’t want to be found wandering around there because it is quite secluded from the main hub of the University. This could make it easier for illicit acts to happen without many people getting noticed. So it’s best you walk in group or brace yourself and have a source of light when walking through the area.

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Spider Building area: Spider building is one of the most isolated structures in OAU. It is very far from the main buildings of the campus. It is surrounded by thick bushes and kind of silent at night. It is very prone to atrocities at night despite the presence of security at the area.

ETF-New Market road: Another place you should endeavor to avoid at night is Faj-ETF en route to New Market. Being one of the lone roads on campus, it is best advised to avoid at night. It is likely synonymous to walking on a desert but this time with a paved road and minimum animate objects around. Not only is the place sparsely dense but also a long walk. ETF/ New Market Road. I still wonder how students who live in ETF hostel navigate their way to their hostel when they are caught in the academic area till late in the night.
Personally, I am an hard guy but the last time I was on that road in the midnight, I had to run. The bushes are very scary and the road is most times always secluded. Even during the day. I think there is a curse plaguing that particular road, because I’m not sure if I have ever seen the streetlights on. That road was created to instill fear in your heart. Another reason that road is unsafe at night, especially from 10pm-12am, is because of the rough and insane driving that occurs around that time. Many people think they drive that way because they are trying to beat the 11pm lockdown of the school gate, but I think many of the drivers are dead drunk and are oblivious of their speed level. Around 2018, students woke up one day to find a car that has toppled over along that road. As a student you are advised to stay off that road at night. You could be robbed or raped because of how dark and silent it could be or you just may have an unfortunate accident with a drunk driver. To avoid any attack of any sort and not being able to call for help around, it’s best, one stays off ETF route at night. As a female fresher, you should be cautious of your moment around there because it’s enclosed with only male hostels.

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Archi-Geology road: A main road during day but deserted at night. It’s advisable to avoid this road at night. It is just a long road filled with trees and the rear of some buildings. A likely place for illicit actions. Do well to avoid passing through the area.

Faculty of EDM area: Located behind the faculty of agriculture and as beautiful as the old faculty of EDM could be, walking there at night could also be dangerous. The beauty is perceived to cling to the day and sprout out a new aura when it’s dark. The old EDM seems secluded from the main campus as it’s located right behind the faculty of Agriculture. The thick bushes that surround the path leading there can be very scary as reptiles sometimes crawl out to the main road. The fact that the zoological garden is on the opposite side of the road can make your heart jump out of your chest. With the thick bushes and fear of being attacked by night preys(robbers, rapists or animals),it only takes the brave to thread that path with their “chest” . It is no doubt that the road is dangerous and you can term it as OAU version of the “Amazonian Jungle”.

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Road One area: Road one is one of them. Road one is more like the main entrance to the campus and it is flanked by what I’d call a mini-forest, and it is sometimes desolate even during the day, in fact, apart from a few people probably walking up or down the road during the day, it is always deserted which makes the night only more deserted. The fact that it seems isolated from the rest of the school is not helping matters, and this makes it unsafe, as areas like that are inclined to be used as a harbor by wrongdoers. This makes the areas very unstable and prone to be the centre of unlawful doings and as a fresher or stalite, one should avoid it, however if it can’t be helped, one is advised to go with either a source of light or should be accompanied by a friend when going through the area.

However some other areas apart from those listed can also be as scary as they are dark and can be quiet and deserted at night so do well to avoid them if there ain’t really necessary things to do at the areas.

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