Being in a relationship is one thing keeping it healthy is another. In OAU about 70 percent of every student are in a relationship, either with a fellow OAU student or an outsider.

There are different definitions to relationships but in OAU it’s unique. There are some key ingredients you need to keep an healthy relationship in OAU.

-Respect your partner’s privacy. The fact that you’re both in a relationship doesn’t mean you can or should encroach on your partner. Some people have their principles like; not constantly being together, not having to share everything together.

-Be supportive. Always reassure your partner with lots of encouragement (especially Awo guys that loved to be visited by their girls). Building each other up is essential to keeping a relationship in OAU.

-Be careful of friends. In OAU you need to be careful of the type of friends you introduce to your relationship. Some so-called friends could be tripping for your partner and may go to the length of sabotaging your relationship to be with them.

-Communicate well. It is necessary to speak up in relationships to protects your feelings and interest. If you keep holding things against your partner instead of talking about it, your relationship may end up crashing in the four corners of OAU.

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