Everything you should know about June 12

George Iwilade (Afrika)
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Everything you should know about June 12.

June 12 is quite a day to reckon with in the history of Nigeria politics due to its significance to the democratization of the country. However, it was formerly May 29 but was changed by President Muhammadu Buhari to June 12, when he had passed a bill to the House of assembly which brought about the change, last year.

Let’s have a brief recap on why June 12 formerly May 29 has been a day to reckon with it.

Nigeria as a nation had been plunged into a hysteria of Military head of state in the past. Staring from 1966 to 1979 and 1983 till 1999. However, there was a transition program that was advocated for democratization to be carried in 1993.

According to Britannica “Although Babangida voided presidential primary elections held in 1992, and all the candidates were banned from politics, a presidential election was slated for June 1993 between two pro-government candidates: Chief M.K.O. Abiola of the SDP and Alhaji Bashir Tofa of the NRC.
The Babangida government believed that the elections would never take place and felt that, even if they did, the north-south divide would lead to a stalemate, as Abiola came from the south and Tofa from the north. Contrary to government expectation, however, the election was held on schedule, and it was free, fair, and peaceful. Chief Abiola won, but Babangida annulled the results before they became official.”

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So in essence June 12 1993 was the first time election was carried after the military juntas. It was recorded that the election was the freest and fairest ever conducted in the history of Nigeria democracy. It was recorded that 14 million Nigerians were said to have shown up to vote, mainly to support MKO (baba philanthropy) against his contender Bashir Tofa.
The annulment of the election results birthed some idiosyncrasies of political apathy in Nigeria citizens because the one time they had wanted to exercise their voting right it was annulled.
Following this annulment, Nigerians took to the stress to protest for 5 days non stop.

Democracy day was May 29 (if you notice, since then, all our President are being inaugurated on MAY 29) because it was the day Olusegun Obasanjo became President (being the first to be elected)
It was changed by President Buhari last year because June 12 birthed the beginning of democracy in the country.
Since then principles and structures of democracy have been in place

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Having read this how would you describe the principle of democracy in the country. Has the ethics and model of it appreciated and practiced?

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