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Nowadays as young undergraduates we find it hard selecting a course of study probably because of parental influence, peer pressure, employment opportunities and of course salary earnings. We even tend to reject courses offered us instead of our initial course of interest, probably because we believe the alternate course offered us is not up to the standard of the course we wanted to study but many times we are being wrong about this, the courses we underrate so much can provide us with so many employment opportunities. In any career path we find ourselves equipping oneself with knowledge in various fields of study will be wise because of the high level of competition in the labour market.


Local government is the lowest and closest level of government to the people of a given country. The department of local government and development studies is a department under the faculty of administration, Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU).

Due to the poor condition of local government administration in Nigeria, students shy away from it as a course of study.

Local government is not only limited to you working only in the local government but with the right knowledge and experience you can pave way for yourself in other lucrative jobs.

Local government as the closest level of government to the people is also in charge of many sectors at the local level, education, health sector, administrative justice etc.
• Management of departments: local government needs managers to oversee the various departments under them like the primary education, primary health care and many more.
• Recruitment one management of staffs: The local government administration needs officers in charge of recruiting and managing its staffs.
• You could also be in charge of preparing the agenda for meetings and taking minutes also preparing reports for councilors and senior managers.

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Other job opportunities include;
Planning officer, environmental health officer, occupational therapist, legal professional, social worker etc.


The department of urban and regional planning is a department under the faculty of environmental and design and management (EDM), Obafemi Awolowo University.

Urban and regional planning covers areas such as: transportation, housing, regional planning, solid waste management, community development, industrial location, infrastructure facilities, rural development, urban design and many more.

Urban and regional planning is a course which covers so many areas thereby providing so many job opportunities. With a degree in urban and regional planning you can work as a, facilities manager, housing manager, local government officer, town planner, transport planner, urban planner and designer, planning advisor and manager, environmental manager, estate agent, planning and development surveyor e.t.c.


The department of soil science and resources management is a department under the faculty of agriculture, Obafemi Awolowo University.

Soil science is a science dealing with soil as a natural resource on the face of the earth.

The scope of soil science can be reflected through six well defined disciplines;
1. Soil fertility: This refers to the capacity of a soil to supply essential nutrients to crops.
2. Soil Chemistry: This is the study of chemical characteristics which the soil possess, it includes; chemical constituents, chemical properties and chemical reactions.
3. Soil Physics: This is the study of physical properties of the soil which include; the color, texture, structure, porosity, density, consistence, temperature and air.
4. Soil Microbiology: This deals with the study of micro organisms in the soil and how they affect soil properties.
5. Soil Conservation: It deals with measures used to protect the soil against excessive loss of nutrients either by natural or artificial means.
6. Pedology: This is the scientific study of soils in their natural environment.

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With a degree in soil science you cab work as a Geologist, Hydrologist, Soil scientist, Ecologist, environmental scientist, Professor, Research scientist, Research technician, Conservation planner, Soil Conservationist, Seed technologist, Farmer and so on.


The department of Zoology is one of the departments under the Faculty of Sciences (In which it’s biological because it relates with life i.e. organisms and plants).

Zoology is one of the quite unpopular courses because most students or people generally do not know how benefitting and lucrative the course is, they mostly have the idea it’s just about animals which isn’t the whole truth.

It’s divided into various broad fields such as:

Ichthyology: scientific study of fishes.
Ornithology: scientific study of birds.
Genetics: scientific study of hereditary and variation.
Pathology: scientific study of diseases as well as the causative agents.
Entomology: scientific study of insects and so on.
Animal physiology: scientific study of the forms and functions of organisms ranging from unicellular organisms to multi-cellular organisms.
Apiculture: Bees breeding.
With the broad knowledge of these aforementioned sub-courses you can establish various self owned businesses as well as work in research labs or even the hospital.

Examples of the lucrative businesses you can establish or work at are:
1. A mortician: handling autopsies since the people who specialize in autopsies are strictly pathologists.
2. Research Scientist: Collecting samples of known creature or discovery of unknown as well as other discoveries.
3. Fish farmer: Fishes and water creatures are quite nutritious. With various species we have a diverse range of tastes and breeding. Fish farming is a popular business and profitable too.
4. Apiculture: As simple as it sounds, it’s one profitable business too. It’s the breeding and culturing of bees. Bees tend to produce: honey (it’s major product), beeswax (a lubricant) et cetera.
5. A pet shop: With the area of specialization on animal physiology and the likes and further knowledge, having a pet shop is profitable too which involves the care, feeding and treatment of pet animals.
6. A professional teacher or tutor. With all the knowledge of this major science course, you could educate at various institutions ranging from the primary to the university.


You see, Zoology isn’t all about animals, there is mire to this hidden treasure course.


Of the three languages studied in the department of foreign languages, Obafemi Awolowo the most unpopular is Portuguese. Asking around and interviewing students of this course, you’ll find out that none of them planned to study Portuguese, most of the students end up studying the language because of admissions issues.

Very much related to Spanish, Portuguese is one of the most interesting and sweet sounding languages in the world. And the few students who were offered this course and stuck with it can boast of lucrative and well paying jobs.

Jobs you are being needed as a Portuguese graduate;
_Freelance interpreting

NOTE: Above all that has been discusses so far its not compulsory you work for someone, you can create your business, establish your company, it all depends on how you tend to use the knowledge you have in these various fields.

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