The period of menstruation is a really tough one for women considering the excruciating pains, headaches, behavioural swings etc. It is also a very vulnerable period because any wrong move could be harmful and life threatening.

Go through these five common practices that are harmful during menstruation;

  1. Don’t drink sparkling or cold water.
  2. Don’t eat cucumber because it has a sap that may block the flow of blood (blood loss) in the uterus wall and may in turn cause sterility.
  3. Don’t hit your body especially the abdomen with hard objects as it may cause injuries to the uterus and vomiting.
  4. Don’t take ice because it will cause menstrual blood to remain in the uterus wall and in 5 to 10 years can cause tumor or uterine cancer.
  5. Do not use shampoos on your head because the pores on your head are open during your period and could cause headaches and make you prone to other sicknesses.

Nonetheless, there are also exciting things during this period like, do you know women’s sense organs function two times better than men’s?

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