Top 7 most used lecture theatres for night reading on OAU campus — which one is your best 3?

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Commonly, we have plenty lecture theatres on OAU campus and nearly 90% of the OAU students community practice night reading which can also be called TDB i.e ‘Till Day Break’. Night reading in lecture theatres on OAU campus is an act of engrossing oneself into studying, if not overnight but for many hours of the night within the boundary of the lecture theatres.

Many students practice this in various lecture theatres present on campus and listed here are the top 7 most used ones and you can do well to comment your best 3 out of the listed 7.

(7) WHITE HOUSE OVENS: Located in the Faculty of Science, a set of two mini lecture theatres, one belonging to Chemistry and the other belonging to Physics is one of the most frequented by OAU students for an overnight reading session. The lecture rooms are on the first floor of the 2 storey building of the White House and beneath it is a ground floor consisting of some offices. The White House ovens are known for heavy crowd presence and it is a place close to the areas where most activities occur on campus.

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(6) LAW LECTURE THEATRES: Located in the Faculty of Law, the lecture theatres here are also a place filled with heavy crowd presence especially at night. The silence and comfortability of seats in the theatres also make part of why most students prefer using the place for overnight sessions. It also has one of the longest lecture theatres in OAU hereby creating enough space for night readers who prefer to use the facility.

(5) FASA AUDITORIUM (AUD 1 and 2): Located at the Faculty of Arts, the two auditoria are known for unending students’ presence especially during overnight reading sessions. AUD is one of the lecture theatres where you can have issues securing a space at night if you choose to go in search of it for reading late in the night.


(4) ODUDUWA LECTURE THEATRES (ODLT 1 and 2): Located beneath the wondrous Amphitheatre, the ODLT is another vital lecture theatre where many students visit at night. Presence of constant light and some spaces in between the two theatres is an advantage. Presence of vendors selling at night also aids in the enormous population of students that use the place at night and despite some programs held at the Amphitheatre sometimes at night causing noise nuisance, ODLT is still always filled up.

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(3) FIRST BANK LECTURE THEATRE: The 500-capacity lecture theatre is also one of the popular hosts for night readers. Located opposite the Faculty of Education, the FBLT is broad and wide enough to accompany a lot of students at a time but despite the vast space, it is difficult at times to secure space late in the night as it is often filled to the brim.

(2) HEALTH SCIENCES LECTURE THEATRES (HSLT A, B and C): Located at the College of Health sciences, the HSLT is one of the most used for night reading on OAU campus. It is also an embodiment of comfortability as the College of Health Sciences isnt really a noisy place at night.

(1) ADMIN EXTENSION LECTURE THEATRES (A, B, C and D): Unarguably the most used lecture theatre at night, located at the Faculty of Administration extension area beside the department of Music, its nearness to halls of residence, the presence of stable light, comfortability in the theatres are part of what makes student use the place constantly and consistently. In a place like that, the earlier you arrive there to study, the better, because most times, it is usually filled to the brim and to secure a space could seem difficult at times.

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Now which is your top 3? Do well to comment below.

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