6 Kinds of OAU classroom folks— which category do you fall into

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Various campuses with different kinds of classroom folks but in some schools like OAU, there are far more hilarious ones ranging from the mission mongers to those who unnecessarily attend classes just to roam around the theatre corridors and those kinds of classroom folks can be found in OAU. Some even are in class just to sleep, to rest without much disturbance, sounds abnormal? Some are in class to cause trouble while some attend classes for the fun of it. Find out more of the kinds of classroom folks below. Which category(s) do you fall under?

(1) The Class stabbers: These are the original stabbers who occasionally stab classes and attending lectures once in a blue moon. They can be categorized into two: the ones who don’t even leave where they are to attend lectures and those who go to the theatres but hang around the premises without even entering but only to take a glimpse of what’s going on. They mostly photocopy notes.

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(2) The School 2&3 students: This set of students are in class to disturb and to cause menace. They mostly sit towards the back of the class and frustrate the ongoing lecture in every way they can as long as the spot they sit is kinda protected from the claws of the lecturer. They are also the backseat guys.


(3) The Front-row folks: The folks in this category sit atleast at the first 3 seat rows of the class. They rarely cause disturbance but it is deduced they prefer sitting there to catch glimpses of explanations well. Some also to be able to hear the lecturer audibly or see the board clearly.

(4) The Jonahs: In this part of the world, ‘Jonah’ is a sarcastic general name for someone who sleeps a lot. Some students go to class with the intention of sleeping while some unintentionally bow to that particular call of nature. They find solace in doing that as long as they won’t be disturbed. Some can even sleep for 95% of the lecture period. Sounds weird? Don’t think about it because it occurs a lot and we have them in OAU.


(5) The Clerks of the class: I bet we know who they are especially in OAU. Yes, they more or less have that writing talent. Not really writing contents but writing series of notes. They can write for hours in class without wavering to the pressure of stopping unlike lazy writers like me. They mostly have complete notes and it doesn’t necessarily mean they are front-row folks because they can sit at any angle of the class and still have them.

(6) The Mission mongers: This set of classroom folks rarely attend classes without having a particular mission to undergo. Some go to classes to check out girls and guys while some go to enjoy the bants that occur in some classes. Some attend classes for attendance while some go because they got hint of probable improptu tests. Many other reasons but they rarely attend the lectures without a particular mission.

You are done reading? Wait, don’t just leave. We still have few other categories of OAU classroom folks but the most glaring ones are those listed above. Is your category among? You can do well to kindly use the comment box before you exit.

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