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For some minutes let us forget “COVID -19“, “School reopening” and plan out what we will do after this pandemic is over, I pray we all survive this. Personally , I feel if we all survive this, it’s more like we are given the second chance to live life again so we should live our lives to the fullest and have fun !. I already have a crazy list of things to do after this pandemic is over, I will be sharing them with you subsequently to see, that’s more reason why you should subscribe to our channel and social media pages so that you can stay updated when I publish my next article. On my bucket list, the first thing I have is “Tourism” . Covid-19 pandemic has impacted tourism negatively. However, as the saying goes, “this too shall pass away”. So while we wait for this to pass away, I will be sharing some amazing tourist location in Nigeria ..

Studies show that travel can make you smarter and healthier. So now, grab a sheet of paper and a pencil, ladies and gentlemen. (Or in more modern terms, create a new note on Evernote.) It’s time to create that bucket list you’ve been meaning to write up:

As you already know: the world is a beautiful place. There are so many exceptional places to visit after this pandemic.


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Here are my Top 5 places I wish to visit after this pandemic



Surrounded by peaceful green and mountains from all sides, Obudu Mountain Resort is purely a treat for the eyes of every tourist.

This resort also takes great appreciation from the tourists because of its cleanliness and wonderful sceneries.

The lush green mountains all around the resort add further awe to the existing beauty of the resort.

There are swimming pools with neat and clean water and the surrounding infrastructure is also well maintained and tidy.

Location: Cross River State.
Founded: 1951
Environment: Tropical rain forest.
Activities: Swimming, hiking, golf, gym, horse-riding, bonfires, cable cars, canopy walkway.
Room rates: From N25,000 per night.



Gashaka-Gumti National Park (GGNP) is a national park in Nigeria, It was gazetted from two game reserves in 1991 and is Nigeria’s largest national park. It is located in the eastern provinces of Taraba and Adamawa to the border with Cameroon. There is abundant river flow even during the markedly dry season. Enclaves for local Fulani pastoralists exist within the park boundary that allow for farming and grazing.

Location: Taraba/Adamawa States, along the Cameroon border.
Founded: 1991
Environment: Savannah grassland, rolling hills, gorges, montane forests.
Activities: Chimp-tracking, visit to Fulani villages, hiking, sight-seeing of wild animals (primates, lions, elephants, hippos, buffaloes), visit to Chappal Waddi (Nigeria’s highest mountain).
Room rates: From N1500 a night (but you must bring your own food).

3. OKE-IDANRE HILLS (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Oke Idanre hill | Inside OAU Media
Oke Idanre hill | Inside OAU Media

Oke Idanre hill consists of high plain with spectacular valleys interspersed with inselbergs of about 3,000 ft above sea level. Its physical attributes include Owa’s Palace, Shrines, Old Court, Belfry, Agbooogun footprint, thunder water (Omi Aopara) and burial mounds and grounds.


It also has diverse and variegated eco-systems of flora and fauna. Oke Idanre contains very important bio-physical and land form features whose interaction with the physical features created an enduring cultural landscape within the setting.

Location: Idanre Town, Ondo State.
Founded: Discovered by Rev. Gilbert Carter in 1894, added to UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List 8 Oct 2007.
Environment: Forest, Hills and valleys.
Activities: Visits to Owa’s Palace, Shrines, Old Court, Belfry, Iraye tree, Orosun Hill, Arun River, Agbooogun footprint, thunder water (Omi Apaara), Aghagha Hill, Orosun Festival, Mare Festival.
Room rates: From N7,750 per night.

4.IBENO BEACH (Longest beach in Africa, 45km long)

Ibeno beach | Inside OAU Media
Ibeno beach | Inside OAU Media
Ibeno beach, which stretches 45km from Ibeno to James Town, Akwa Ibom, is the longest beach in Africa. Ibeno beach is one of the beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, and it’s located in Ibeno local government, Akwa Ibom state, southeastern Nigeria. Ibeno beach is highly rated because of its peaceful and safe surroundings. It is the most popular beach in Akwa Ibom. Although Ibeno is now a popular tourist attraction because of its beach, the area has some history too. Ibeno was the landing site for one of the most successful Christian missions in Nigeria – the Qua Iboe Christian mission from Scotland which arrived in the early 20th century. Relics of that missionary expedition also attract tourists to the area. In 2013, the federal government constructed the Ibeno bridge to attract tourists and improve other economic activities in the area.

Location: Ibeno LGA, Akwa Ibom State.
Founded: First occupied c.1200–1500 BC by the Ibeno tribe.
Activities: Swimming, beach strolls, sea watching, boat rides, beach volleyball, water sports, beach soccer, sunbathing, archery, horse-riding.
Room rates: From N5,500 per night.

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5. Yankari National Park 

Yankari National Park | Inside OAU Media

is a large wildlife park located in the south-central part of Bauchi State, in northeastern Nigeria. Yankari National Park home to several natural warm water springs, as well as a wide variety of flora and fauna. Its location in the heartland of the West African savanna makes it a unique way for tourists and holidaymakers to watch wildlife in its natural habitat. It is the most popular destination for tourists in Nigeria and, as such, plays a crucial role in the development and promotion of tourism and ecotourism in Nigeria. It is also one of the most popular eco-destinations in West Africa.

Location: southeast of Bauchi town, Bauchi state .
Founded: Yankari was originally created as a game reserve in 1956, but later designated Nigeria’s biggest national park in 1991
Environment: southern part of the Sudan Savannah
Activities: wide life, caves, swimming, hiking
Room rates: From N2500 per night.

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Trips to these places will bring you closer to your real self and make you challenge yourself in various ways. Stepping into the unknown and making memories out of it make you reflect upon your experiences and increase your self-awareness.

Don’t forget to visit these places with your loved ones 😊, share with us in the comment sections places you feel are cooler than these places ! I bet you are curious to know what’s next on my bucket list, subscribe so that you can be updated when I publish my second article

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