Exclusive: 6 foods OAU students can’t do without

Living on a Nigerian campus is a very challenging and exciting thing. It is something for the brave hearts really. The one thing that is unique to most Nigerian students is the thrive for survival and no student can evade that.

Getting into Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife is the beginning of a phase of struggle and surviving in it is another different thing as it is a system truly made for the strong.

One of the challenges students face on OAU campus is eating good meals and a survey led us to discovering some particular foods they can’t do without. Enjoy the exhilarating piece. Below Listed:

This is the combo of bread and egg. It’s a life saver food that students of OAU can’t do without. The love that OAU students have for risky has made many people to venture into the making of risky. Every popular spots is always full of risky makers.

Risky | InsideOAU media
Risky | InsideOAU media

This is a life-saver for OAU students which is easy to prepare with few ingredients like Rice, Onion, Palm-Oil etc. Although a kind of rice that can neither be classified as fried nor jollof, it is a combination of anything you can lay your hands upon just to arrive at something edible and sarcastically, it is a student fast approach when there has been too much garri in the belly.

Rice concoction| InsideOAU media
Rice concoction | InsideOAU media


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OAU students will always pray for the inventor of noodles. This is one of OAU students’ best friend. It is one of the foods that is readily available on OAU campus and almost all students favorite for some obvious reasons. OAU students’ love for noodles made some business lovers to start preparing noodles as a business so popular spots on campus at night are full of this cooks.

Noodles | InsideOAU media
Noodles | InsideOAU media

A food that is often time looked down upon, but low-key, most OAU students know that it can’t be avoided to ensure survival on campus is beans. OAU students and beans are inseparable although male students feel they love it more than the girls. This can be eaten with Bread, Garri, Yam or Rice although Bread and Garri are the most popular combination.

Beans | InsideOAU media
Beans | InsideOAU media


The love OAU students have for Spaghetti and Beans made them thought of another way to spice it up. As we have the combo of Rice and Beans, we also the combo of Spaghetti and Beans which forms ‘Spaghewa’.


Known for its size, sweetness and affordability, ‘As e dey hot’ is a snack that falls under the Puff-Puff and Buns category. Many students are used to taking it most of the time due to vast period that academic activities consume.

As e dey hot | InsideOAU media
As e dey hot | InsideOAU media

Spaghetti is one food that is nutritious and while other foods like Rice or Beans can be taken with it, it is often times eaten alone. This is a very common food on OAU Campus which nearly over 70% of OAU students can’t do without eating it in a week.

Spaghetti | InsideOAU media
Spaghetti | InsideOAU media

Which one do you stay glued to the most?

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