is this OAU or Harvard university? See stunning pictures from OAU

These are breathtaking pictures of arguably the most beautiful campus in the whole of Africa . A campus filled with life action of so many students passion. While some students walk on their campus streets with fear of cultist attack we stride with great pride guided by the phrase “Say No To Cultism” a fight well fought along with a dream well sought after which earned us our peace. It aint about the learning alone but the fun that comes with a well balanced social life under the intoxicating influence of a rich culture.. Despite our struggles we’ll forever remain humble and will remain strong(or never crumble) like our concrete walls.

Arise Great Ife!!!

Amazing pictures of OAU | InsideOAU Media
PHE department/Bustop
Beautiful pictures of OAU
Location = Mozambique.
Beautiful Building in OAU | InsideOAU Media
African most beautiful campus | InsideOAU Media


Photo credit:Abiodun Christopher (@OACBLOG)

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