Meet AKINDEJOYE SHALOM OLUWABANKE, an up and rising musician. BankéMusic the thrilling artiste of hit single Mirror cannot be your just-another-artiste. To be sure of meeting an exciting character in Joyè Oluwabanke

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Esteemed readers, welcome to today’s edition of the Woman Crush Wednesday (WCW) category of our brand. It is a category set up to feature several of our female alumni of the university who wield a level of influence in their various fields of expertise. Hear from them, learn from their experiences and relearn to prepare yourself ahead for life after school.

 Miss Banké, can we meet you?

My name is Akindejoye Shalom Oluwabanke. A graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University where I studied Music. I am from ONDO state my mum is Delta so you can say I am a Nigerian half cast lol. I have a younger brother and I love creating

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What made you opt for music as a course and a career opportunity?

The passion I had for it.

An innate passion or one you developed a liking for and work towards ?

An innate passion. But that doesn’t mean I did not work or develop my self in the process.

Being an alumni of Obafemi Awolowo University, our audience would like to know how you had maintain your stance being a rising artiste, the struggles plus academics

This one is definitely the Grace of God! I can’t say this is how I did it. It would have been a total mess if I handled it on my own. The battle was real navigating lectures and shows but I honestly thank God for making it possible. I also cannot categorically say this is how I did it like I did not have a rule book. You get lol but with the help of God and proper planning of my time it worked out.

Was there any point in time, your friends or relatives felt you were too distant from them during your musical escapades?  If yes, how were you able to cope with it?

Yes it still happens and I am trying my possible best to make everyone happy and give everyone attention to the best of my ability. Some people will definitely still misunderstand me but I am doing the best I can and leave the rest to God

Going back in time to your undergraduate days, where would you say was your favourite spot on Obafemi Awolowo University

I did not have favorite spot oh from department to my hostel in maintenance I was not really a spot person

BankéMusic | InsideOAU

How’s been the journey, so far, into the professional music world?

Challenging but Amazing! I am having a lot of fun and enjoying the process.

What great memories did you have as an undergraduate of Obafemi Awolowo University?

Singing in Amphi theatre, singing at departmental dinners, having my first ever concert in pit theatre and as well walking to school gate.
It was a memorable event for me, performing at amphitheatre and I had my first live event; Banké Live in Pit Theatre.

I was opportune to have listened to your songs, mash ups, covers. One can bet to say you have a nice soft voice. Did you train it to get to that point?

Yes I definitely trained to get my voice better and also developed my self to become one with my voice and understand how to use the textures

 Our audience would be keen to know the mechanism you used in training your voice

I watch a lot of vocal training videos on YouTube, drank a lot of water, didn’t shout and sing when you need to

 So what are the challenges you’ve faced or facing in becoming who you are?

Challenges I have faced so face would definitely be getting my music to a larger audience! And seeing that people accept my sound for what it is.

 How well have you been able to get this through?

Staying true to my self and putting my sef out there at every opportunity I get

 Quite sure you’ve had numerous impressive days but of which was a moment of fulfilment or memorable to you?

The day I performed at Bonny island with my band for their Make Music Even. It was memorable because of the fact people kept asking for more

Being among the prestigious contestants of the Stardom reality show in 2018/ 2019, how would you describe your experience there and has it in a way been a stepping stone to new opportunities?

It was a Great opportunity and a learning curve.
Yes it served as a platform for connection I met amazing people (other contestants) who i am currently still in contact with

BankéMusic on insideoaumedia | Inside OAU Media

I was privileged to have listened and watched some of your musical videos, Sensed some touches of European styles.
Is your style of song influence by it?

My style of music is influenced by my emotions and how I want to communicate my thoughts to people sure there would be African or European elements in them but it is solely based on what I am inspired to sing

 Is there a change you’d like to bring to Nigeria music industry? Maybe some corrective measures

I am not coming here to correct anything o lmaooo MUSIC is an art it is how people express themselves there is no right or wrong music! Music evolves. I hope to bring a positive addition to the musical scene locally and globally.

How has this whole pandemic, alongside lockdown affected what you do, music

It has increased my zeal to create more and get better in my craft!

In the next 5-10 years, what do you see yourself doing or be becoming??

The future is filled with a lot of uncertainties I can’t tell you this is what I will be in 5years or 10 but I can tell you that I will work hard to the most successful artist that I can be in 5years.

Having released at least 3 debut singles alongside many covers, what can you say is your source of inspiration?

I have released 3 singles MIRROR, LIGHTS AND JEJE. The first two were songs were inspired by how I felt. Being who I am accepting who I am and encouraging people, letting them know it is ok to be who they are. The last song is a love song inspired by love

Should your fans be expectant of any single lately? I mean are you working on releasing another impressive single any time soon?

Yes definitely

Have you ever felt discouraged in doing what you do maybe due to some tiring factors ?

Yes I have. What kept me pushing was passion, my determination to make it regardless

 If not music what else do you see yourself doing?

Interior Design

Does it begets the same energy and drive like music?

Of course not but it is something I am interested in.

In the music industry, who would you like to have a musical collaboration with?

A lot actually to mention a few Beyonce Don Jazzy, Tiwa Savage, Sigrid, Tori Kelly, Billie Eilish

What record label do you see yourself working with?

I see my self working with any label willing to work together to make the brand Banké better

 There are teeming young artistes out there just like you. What advice do you have for them?

Stay true to yourself! Work hard and God will bless the work of your hand but hey there has to be work for him to bless so work hard, do you and stay positive.



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