All you need to know about “No Bra Day


October 13 is popularly known as “No Bra Day”. It is a day set aside to create breast cancer awareness for women and even men.

No Bra day was first observed on July 9, 2011 as BRA (breast reconstruction awareness) day. After 3 years the date was changed to October 13th, in which October is also the National breast cancer awareness month.

On this day women are required to wear no bra inorder to create awareness for breast cancer. On this day many women go on social media to post pics of themselves braless. As many people may think of it as inappropriate or a nasty thing that us entirely not true, but it’s a means to fight against the dangerous breast cancer disease.

This day for breast freedom is not only celebrated in Nigeria but all over world where thousands are partakers yearly.

The movement largely takes place on social media where women use the hashtag #nobraday to campaign.

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Above all, today is just a day for women to be braless and also to examine their breasts. Men can also wear something purple to partake.

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