10 Powerful Things You Don’t Know About Waist Beads

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Have you ever seen this on a lady?

Native African lady with beads on her waist

Well that strand like structure has some powers which am about to reveal to you.

But first what are waist beads?

Some call them belly beads, waistline beads, or beaded waist chains whichever one you call it you are correct.

Waist beads are one of Africa’s most oldest traditional accessories worn around the hips or waist , they consist of small glasslike hollow stones called beads with a string or wire to hold them together.

These waist beads appear in different shapes and colours.

some people take it to a whole different level by adding decorative stones, crystals, or charms.

So let’s get straight to the facts here:

Waist beads fits lady’s body
  1. Do you know that some pregnant women make use of waist beads? Yes, pregnant women use waist beads for their own protection and that of the growing baby.

  2. Are you trying to check your weight? Waist beads will be of great help, instead of stepping on a scale, you can use waist beads to stay in touch with any weight loss or gain in your abdomen.

  3. Not just your weight, your body posture can also be put in check with the use of waist beads.They can help remind you whenever you are not sitting or standing right.

  4. Have you heard that some women add charms and fragrant oils to their beads to stay away from bad energy?

  5. Married women also put on waist beads under their clothes just as a sign of covenant with their husband.

  6. Beads come in different sizes and shapes, some African tribes attach large beads to their women’s bead so that when she’s fertile she would make noise when she walks to alert potential suitors nearby.

  7. Some babies are culturally adorned with waist beads during their naming ceremonies, although only girls are allowed to put it on while they grow older.

  8. In many African tribes too, waist beads symbolize a passage to womanhood especially when they start to menstruate.

  9. Many women wear beads to aid the movement of their hips.

  10. Finally, asides been used for aesthetics, waist beads can be very sensual; they could be seductive for many men.

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Beautiful slim lady wears multiple beads

Multiple beads aligned on slim lady’s waist

Waist beads possess powers that can enhance sexual intimacies among people.

Waist beads are one of Africa’s historical heritages which many use till date.

Do you have one, or you are about to get? Are you about to buy for someone you love?

There are certainly more things waist beads can do which we don’t know.
What is your experience with waist beads; kindly drop them in the comment box.

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