Yellow house courses are arguably the most failed courses on OAU campus. Even non-OAU students are of aware of the almighty yellow house (mathematics department). There are different tales of students failing yellow house courses. Some even believe it’s almost impossible to finish with a first class honors if you offer more than 3 yellow house courses in your stay in OGBA FEMI. As a fresher, I once heard of someone having 29 out of 30 in his test and still had a F. Funny right? But it is what it is.
Below are four reasons students fails yellow house courses:

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1.FAILURE TO PREPARE : lack of preparation is one of the major reasons students fails. Failure to prepare, is prepare to fail, they say. Most students are found in this category of not prepping for exams. They await the lecture free week to start studying.

2.FEAR: I once experienced a young lady having cold feet and throwing up just before we were handed MTH 101 exam questions. Students who enters an exam hall with are most likely to fail. The fear maybe from inadequate preparation, tales of yellow house failing students or at times being separated from whom they want to copy.

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3.EXAMINATION MALPRACTICE: I know of a guy who failed MTH 202 because he asked for the canonical formula in the hall. When students enter the exam hall with the sole of aim of engaging examination malpractice, they tend to fail the course. They fail at times if they copy from a wrong source i.e student A with paper type C copying objective answers from student B with paper type E. At times, it’s not because they copied wrongly but they are caught cheating in the exam hall. Once a student is caught cheating, the invigilator either deducts your mark or tears your answer booklet and sends you out of the hall.


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4.PREDECESSORS’S PERFORMANCE: it’s a general believe that students from a department that is known for failing yellow house courses are very likely to fail the course. A part 5 mechanical engineering student once told me in my first year that I can’t have a good grade in MTH101 and 102 because building students are known for failing the course on a steady.

As much as students fails yellow house courses massively, some still perform excellently. What’s your best and worst grade in yellow house? Do well to drop them and your department as well

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