Amongst the various social media platforms that exist in the world, WhatsApp is one of the most widely used in Nigeria, and this fact is not far-fetched.
I recently heard of one ‘TIK-TOK‘, No thanks to Covid’19!

In Nigeria, WhatsApp serves a whole lot of purposes. From contacting of friends and relatives, to chatting to business partners, customers and of course for marketing; small scale businesses especially.

It’s also used for chatting to a small or large network of friends via group & video chats, posting fun and entertaining statuses, etc.

Through statistics, it has been brought to our knowledge that in a day, there are over 20 million Nigerians on WhatsApp.

OK… A quick one!

Different people check WhatsApp statuses for different reasons best known to them, and in different ways.
Let’s run through the list!

1. Offline Viewers:

This set of viewers are legends when it comes to viewing statuses. They are, say, the Major Generals of viewers. In a bid to avoid high consumption of their data, they’d put off their connection and begin to read captions of each post, not regarding if the picture/video loads or not.

2. Spy Agent Viewers:

This set of viewers are covert in their operations. You could call them the James Bond of WhatsApp. They are always invincible – “dem no dey lose guard!”, with their read recipients put off, automatically making their status checking undercover. You should be careful with this set of viewers because you don’t know if they are keeping tabs with what you post or not. However, it is best to play it safe with them.

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3. The Status Collectors:

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These ones live to request for what you post. They are the modern day gem collectors. When they see a nice content, they do not hesitate to request that it be sent to them.
Under this category, we have two set of viewers;

• Those that enter your DM and request politely
• Those who just say “send” or “share with me”.
Whichever you might be, you are a status collector!

4. The Reactors:

You have to love this set of people. If they see something nice, they will comment nicely. Although, it might just be a laughing emoji.
There are some Reactors that do not text you on a normal day at all, what they do is just react to something that captivates them on your status, and BOOM!, they’ve forgotten you again.

Unlike the next category…

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5. ‘Waka Pass’ Viewers:

These ones don’t send you o, at all… If you like post from January till December, they’d just view and click on the next post. Sometimes, you begin to wonder if they ever find what you post amusing or not. They are the ‘Waka Pass’ viewers. They see it but choose to ‘Waka Pass’.

6. Screenshoters:
This category ehn, almost everyone falls into it. What this set of people know how to do best when it comes to status viewing is using their volume and Power buttons at the same time — It is what it is!
Ah! They are geniuses at it.
If there were to be anything like Plagiarism of WhatsApp statuses, they probably would have been arrested and sent to WhatsApp life imprisonment.
They can screenshot anything shotable!

7. Strategic Viewers:

This set of people are everywhere! It might even be you. Yes you!, the one reading this post right now. You are strategic when it comes to viewing statuses, you probably see the first two or three posts, if they catch your interest, you continue and if they don’t, you call it a day without stress. You are very deliberate about what you feed your eyes, and if you don’t see what you want, you do not stress yourself.

8. Faithful Viewers:

Unlike the strategic viewers, this set of viewers will stick with your post till the very end. Even if you post at exactly 3am, they will be there to view it. They are very much passionate about what you post or your lifestyle.
They contemporarily depict the biblical “For better for worse”, because they’ll die there!…

9. The Muters:

If peradventure you’ve offended this set of people, just forget it!, because they don’t give second chances. Once you are muted, you are muted, forgerrrrittt!!!!
It might even be forever. However, God can touch their hearts, they might view your status under the mute section.

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Reading through, I’m sure you must have classified yourself amongst at least 3 categories of viewers.
Keep viewing jhor!
…till Lai Muhammad bans WhatsApp.
Is that actually possible? Let’s watch and see. Lol!



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