Nigeria is known to be a home of beautiful young girls, elegant and attractive. Dem dark melanin geng, fair-complexioned angels, charming albinos, just to mention a few, are found in Nigerian universities. However, there has always been argument about universities with the most beautiful girls.

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Below are the top 5 Nigerian universities with the most beautiful girls;

UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS, LAGOS STATE: UNILAG is found the beautiful state of Lagos. Girls from all over Nigeria are found here. UNILAG girls are well known for slaying, you can say they are the best dressed. They don’t just slay, they are also exquisite and very intense. You will find it difficult to pick a girl in UNILAG if you are the greedy type because they are all dishy.

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OBAFEMI AWOLOWO UNIVERSITY, ILE-IFE: situated in the ancient city of IFE. Great Ife girls are arguably one of the most beautiful in the nation. In addition to their charming beauty, they have an amazing sense of fashion. Merely, walking from the SUB to the famous Amphi-theatre, you will be amazed by their angelic looks around.

BABCOCK UNIVERSITY: they are young mostly from the age of 16 – 21 years. Even though they are young, they are also charming. They appear stunning and exotic. Babcock girls are dazzling and can make you lose focus by staring at them.

UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN: the premier university is a home to quite a number of beauties. Their beauty commands attention as they always appear enamoring. U.I girls beauty are bewitching.

UNIVERSITY OF CALABAR: located in the Eastern region of Nigeria, University of Calabar houses beautiful girls, the Igbos majorly. University of Calabar girls are well known for their sexy and exciting looks. Calabar girls are often thick possessing the full package.

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These are the top 5 Nigerian universities with the most beautiful girls, did your school make the list? What do you think about them? drop your comments below.


  1. Well, I believe the writer missed the fact that ladies from the North are exquisite and charming. But nice and interesting post.

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