Rape is an act of forceful sexual intercourse with an individual without his or her consent. The act of rape may be carried out by physical force , abuse of power, or against a person who can’t give a valid consent, such as one who is unconscious, has an intellectual disability or an underage. The term rape can be used interchangeably with the term sexual assault.
traditional definition was narrow with respect to both gender and age; rape was an act of sexual intercourse by a man with a woman against her will. Worldwide, sexual violence, including rape, is primarily committed by males against females.

Rape by strangers is usually less common than rape by people the victim knows, and male-on-male and female-on-female rapes are common and may be the least reported forms of rape.As rape is now understood, a rapist or a victim may be an adult of either gender or a child. Although rape can occur between the same sex. Females are often the victims of rape. Rape is a serious crime that is mostly treated as a felony in countries with common-law systems. Rape victims are usually traumatized and can develop posttraumatic stress disorder.

Lack of consent is key to the definition of rape.Consent is affirmative “informed approval, indicating a freely given agreement” to sexual activity. It is not necessarily expressed verbally, and may instead be overtly implied from actions, but the absence of objection does not constitute consent.


  1. Date rape: This term refers to several types of rape, broadly acquaintance rape, which is a non-domestic rape committed by someone who knows the victim.
  2. Gang rape: This occur when a group of people (usually at least three) forcefully have a sexual intercourse with a victim.
  3. Spousal rape: It can also be regarded as marital rape; husband rape ,wife rape, partner rape . This is a form of domestic violence and sexual abuse .
  4. Children rape: Children are the victims of this form of rape. This is usually committed by children of the same age as the victim( stronger), a little older and adolescents.
  5. Serial rape: This type of rape is committed by a person over a group of people having a number of similarities following a pattern .
  6. Payback rape: This can also be called revenge rape as the victim is supposedly paying for a crime he or she committed. Females are mostly the victims of this form of rape .
  7. Deceptive rape: This is a fraudulent way of gaining the victim’s consent.
  8. Sadistic rapist
  9. Angry rapist
  10. Power rapist.


The effects rape has on its victims are mainly psychological and health related . The following are the general effects of rape ;

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  1. Sexual dysfunction
  2. Sexual disorder
  3. Unwanted pregnancy
  4. Reproductive and gynecological disorder
  5. Emotional breakdown
  6. Psychological disorder
  7. Physical injury
  8. Victimization or victim blaming
  9. Stigmatism
  10. Forced marriages


Rape can’t be eradicated totally but can reduce drastically if everyone is challenged and called to order. Rape is a global issue that should be taken seriously. The causes and effects of rape should be taught across all level of education. The weaker gender should be protected not just by the family alone but the community as a whole. Capital punishment for rapist should be implemented as this would scare of a number of intending rapists.

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After been raped, most victims go home straight, bath and cry to suck it up. This isn’t the appropriate way of responding to the situation.
As a matter of fact, the victims should go straight to the hospital for a total check up, collection of the rapists semen for DNA identification and also administration of pregnancy prevention pills. The victim should also be checked for any sexually transmitted diseases and be treated right away . After leaving the hospital, the victim should head to the police station to give a police report after which the victim can now take his or her bath.
The victim should also go for guidance and counseling.

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