In this article, we bring to you the top 5 most used phones in Obafemi Awolowo University. Obafemi Awolowo University is no doubt the most beautiful campus in Africa with amazing structures that would keep you wondering if these structures were built 5 years ago , there is no doubt one of the criteria to being a big boy or girl in african most beautiful campus , OAU is the type of phone you are using . Obviously when girls see you with “iPhones without home button” you have definitely earned yourself the title of “zadddy” , forget your department, level or body size .
There is a popular saying that the only way to earn a “maintenance babe” heart is owning an iPhone , I don’t know how true that is tho 😂 but I would definitely give it a shot when I finally buy my iPhone😁. You can actually dash me one to try too😌
Just as OAU is one of the most populated universities in Nigeria , the school’s smartphone ecosystem is also one of the biggest with amazing products like Apple , Tecno , infinix , Samsung

1) TecnoTecno Mobile entered the Nigeria smartphone market by providing “ultra-affordable” devices to customers at a time when smartphone prices were unbelievably exorbitant. Ever since, the brand has become a household name in the industry; a force to be reckoned with
Probably due to the fact that it’s affordable, Tecno is widely used in OAU , in every department at least 40% of the population owns a Tecno product .. Tecno also brings different discounts & offers to OAU . Using the latest edition of any tecno product makes you a big boy/girl , low-key people who use tecno products are more proud than the iPhones fellas.

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Tecno Camon 11

2) Infinix

Infinix is another smartphone brand that’s very popular in the OAU. Infinix is owned and operated by the same parent company (Transsion Holding) as Tecno. Infinix also gained traction in Nigeria market by focusing on providing smartphones people could buy without breaking a sweat — financially. Infinix is widely used in OAU just like Tecno

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Infinix Mobile phone | Inside OAU media

3) Apple Iphone
This is the dream phone of almost all OAU student , especially the people that want to oppress . Well, not just OAU, but the whole Nigeria. Apple has dominated the global market so well that it is the first to be worth over a trillion-dollar. All thanks to the foundation laid by its late CEO, Steve Jobs.
I bet you already know a lot of crazy stuff people do for IPhones . In a gathering of 50 people in OAU, you’re most likely to see at least 30 person using an iPhone. I have actually come across few ladies on campus who said they can only date guys with iPhones , it was that moment my close friend Musa knew he needed to use his school fees to get an iPhone to impress anita , I would share Musa & Anita story some other time.
Even girls would want to be friends with you so they can always use your phone to snap “portraits and selfies” , hopefully we would soon start a trend for #AndriodLivesMatters , you need to see how we android users are being oppressed on campus. Apple iPhone is no doubt one of the most used phone in OAU.

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Apple iPhone X | Inside OAU Media

4) Samsung

Samsung has been a significant player in the Nigeria smartphone market from time immemorial. In fact, Samsung remains one of the earliest pioneer of Android-based smartphones in the Nigeria market. Samsung phones are equally ubiquitous in Nigeria . People who used Samsung products are significantly said to be the most influential people on campus , Samsung isn’t for the weak like they use to say. How can someone hold a phone whose screen repair fee alone would be able to pay up your school fees till you convocate in OAU , now tell me why you wouldn’t fear this folks.

Samsung | Inside OAU Media
  1. Gionee

Gionee is another popular brand in OAU. Gionee is well-known for producing affordable and battery-focused devices Ask an average OAU student what he/she knows about Gionee, and they would say “strong battery” without blinking an eye. They have proved and prided themselves to be the brand with the best battery life.

Gionee | Inside OAU Media

DisclaimerNo proper survey/research was made while compiling this list , this list was compiled based on writer’s opinion.


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There are so many other phone brands in OAU, but these phones listed and discussed above are arguably the most popular & Most used phones in OAU

Is there any I missed? Let me know in the comments.

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