Where do names of weekdays come from? Check to see

Have you ever wondered where the names for the days of the week came from? do you ever come to a satisfying conclusion? Then you are welcome here as I will be addressing where the respective days of the weeks are derived from.

Italian bracelet depicting the various deities for each day

The names of the days of the week in English seem to be a mixed bag as Saturday, Sunday and Monday are named after celestial bodies Saturn,Sun and Moon but the other days are named after Germanic gods. This was so because Tuesday through Saturday had pre-existed before Sunday and Monday were introduced.

The Babylonians had actually named their days after the five planetary bodies known to them which were also named after various deities and these was later adopted by the Romans,with the Roman Emperor Constantine later establishing the 7 day week and designating Sunday and Monday as the first two days.

The other weekdays are derived from Anglo-Saxon names of gods in Teutonic mythology which can also be traced to Germanic or Roman roots.

Tuesday comes from Tiu or Tiw,the Germanic name for Tyr,the Norse god of war,Tiw also roughly corresponds to Mars,the Roman god of war for whom Planet Mars was named after.

Wednesday comes from Odin or Woden,who birthed Tyr and is the supreme deity whom the weekday is named after,Odin is believed to have sacrificed an eye to gain the wisdom necessary to save the world.

Similarly Thursday originates from Thor,the god of thunder who wields the hammer that boomerangs and can’t be carried by any other person.His Roman equivalence is Jupitar who is known for throwing bolts of lightning.

Friday was named after Freya or Frigga,the wife of Odin and the Germanic goddess representing love and beauty which roughly corresponds to Venus,the Roman goddess of love for whom the Planet Venus was named after.

Saturday was named after Planet Saturn whilst Sunday and Monday were named after celestial bodies Sun and moon.

And so Sunday is named after the Sun,hence Sun-day
Monday after the moon,hence Moon-day

Tuesday after Tiw in German and Anglo-Saxon traditions,hence Tiw’s-day or Mars’-day in Roman traditions.

Wednesday after Woden,hence Woden’s-day in Anglo-Saxon,German traditions or Mercury’s-day in Roman traditions

Thursday is Thor’s-day or Jupitar’s-day

Friday fits for Freya’s-day or Venus’-day as you wish

And Saturday is Saturn’s-day

With these,one wonders why Man Crush Monday MCMs are for Mondays when it should actually fit in on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday because of their masculinity and Woman Crush Wednesdays for Freya’s-day because of it’s feminity

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