Why you shouldn’t watch the Citation movie with an OAU student

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Citation is the talk of the town right now and there are many reasons why you shouldn’t watch the Citation movie with an OAU student.

With its release to the public on Friday, one can assert that it has been mostly viewed by OAU students. Many watch it out of curiosity or the thrill of seeing a newly released movie, but not for OAU students. One of the filming locations of Citation is the renowned Obafemi Awolowo University. This feat has made the already popular school trend and her students, more proud of their alma mater.

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Therefore, if you aren’t a student of this indigenous school, don’t make the mistake of watching it with one of them.

These are the major reasons why you shouldn’t watch the Citation movie with an OAU student.



This Netflix production was shot at the beautiful and scenic Obafemi Awolowo University and is one reason to avoid watching it with any Great Ife student.

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Their constant distractions punctuated with frequent papparazzis will eventually make you lose out on the message the movie is passing across.



There has been examples of ‘is your school on Netflix’ taunts since the Citation movir was released.

Desperately avoid watching the Citation movie with an OAU student as both of you can end the movie in blows.

Regardless of whether you watched it with an OAU student or not,always be on the alert as the students can bring this topic up any day, any time.



You could think you are in for a good movie until you find your self ill-fated because of the person you are watching the movie with.

Constant pausing and backwarding of the movie can make you totally lose interest in a classical movie. This is exactly what you should expect while watching the movie with a Great Ife student. They will also want to hammer some experiences and scenarios they had gotten into at specific locations in the movie.

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In order not to lose guard and give a poor judgement of the movie,try to watch the movie with the right persons.

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Try not to watch the Citation movie with Great Ife students both current and Alumni.

They could be worrying about the scenes and buildings while ignoring the actual message the movie is passing across.



Expect a burst of emotions if you want to watch this movie with an OAU student, from the ‘I have read here before’ to the ‘this or that is my favorite spot, just know you won’t rest with their constant schooling of you on the names of buildings and lecture theatres, you will continually hear the pride in their voice which may make you kinda jealous or even annoyed.

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In all, Citation is a great movie written, directed, and acted by great people. It was also shot on African’s most beautiful campus.

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