Ladies keep asking the question – what should I watch out for in a guy? It is a very serious question that is mostly taken with levity, as the female gender pay little or no attention to the bad signals a guy showcases.
However, there is nothing like a perfect guy. Some ladies will remain single till Jesus comes, waiting for Mr. Right. Even though, there is no such thing as a perfect guy, there are things or attitudes your man should not possess. These attitudes show that he is either not into you or you are not the Main Chick.

Below are the 5 things you should watch out for in a guy:

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1. PRIVATE RELATIONSHIP : Never allow a guy to fool you with “I’m a private person” talks. How can you be in a relationship with a guy and you don’t know his friends (I mean the close ones not his drinking squad), no one in his family knows you as his babe. O wrong nau! If a guy is really into you, the important people in his life will be aware of your existence in his life. Don’t be fooled!

2. ALWAYS AT THE RECEIVING END : If you are with a guy that always collects from you on a daily basis, my sister JAPA! I know some guys are broke, however, if a guy loves you, no matter how poor his pocket is, he will always strive to gift you things once in a while. Shine your eyes well and make sure you are no one’s ATM.

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3. BUSY : “Can you call me back? I’m busy right now”, “Hey babe, I can’t make it for our dinner, something came up”, “Let me call you back when I’m done, there’s a lot on my mind right now….”, If a guy gives these excuses whenever you are to meet, or he is always too busy for you , just know he is breaking up with you stylishly. When a guy loves you, he’s always drawn to you and can never be too busy to make time for you.

4. PHYSICAL HARASSMENT : I’ve heard ladies lying they had an accident , whereas they were beaten by their so-called boyfriends. Firstly, no sane guy will raise his hands to beat a lady. Secondly, you offending him does not warranty a beating from him. In fact, under no circumstances should a guy beat you. And don’t be fooled with sentences like- “I was furious, you know I can’t bear seeing you with some guy”, “I’ve told you on several occasions not to see those girls” etc. A guy that loves you will never beat you.

5. EVERYTIME SEX : If your guy only calls you when he is horny, just know you are his booty call. There should be times you guys will discuss not just your present but also your future. But if all you do is sex whenever you are with him, my dear JAPA! He is just using you to ease his sexual urge.

Guys can be very cunning and manipulative at times, most of them are wolf in a sheep clothing. I believe these 5 red flags will help you know if he truly loves you or his weyrey dey disguise.

Drop your opinions and experience in the comment box below.


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