5 Types Of Town-Gboro Bus Drivers You Will See In OAU

Show me your Bus and I will tell you who the driver is, that is the tale when it comes to Bus Drivers on OAU Campus. It is quite difficult erasing the memories of Bus drivers and their escapades with OAU students on campus. Every student must have had a glimpse of their “razzness”, Not all of them anyways.

They come in different shades, we have the;

  1. OAU Uber Drivers:
    Getting into their Bus is one of the best things that can happen to you on a Monday morning. They would certainly light up your day. With cool background music, well scented interiors, some even have curtains, OMG, if you are not careful, you would forget where you should stop… Just that most of them also stylishly have their eyes on the girls too.

  2. Bus-Stop/Office Drivers:
    They are the ones who don’t leave campus, its usually from gate to Angola, any other thing, you are on your own. Very principled they would come down to close the door for you, they know the driving rules on campus and they never break it. They are usually the ones that meet the student Union when there is any transit issue.

  3. Grandpas
    Many of them are old enough to be your grand pa or even great grand pa. My guess is that they need something to get themselves busy. Their buses are usually unkept and moribund, always slow, very slow, just don’t take that bus if you have a 7 am class, if not be ready to miss the class. But the good thing is that they usually have change, they are Grandpas now, so they don’t hold back your change.

  4. Agberos
    There is actually no better word that can fit them aside that. They must have been shipped in from Lagos, they are the ones who can tell you they are going to Mayfair, and then get to gate and tell everyone to get down. They would certainly withhold your change in the guise that they don’t have changed. OAU students are always ready for them.

  5. Story Tellers
    Just when you are thinking about how you will face a test or assignment in class, or how you will prepare something to eat when you get to your hostel, there you have the Storytellers. This Bus Drivers have a thing for talking, from how their wife refused to give them dinner the night before, to how Buhari is currently making Nigeria better in his own view though. Even when you are not interested in discussing, they have their way of bringing up conversations, and when they don’t have anything to say, they could join in your conversation with a friend. Well, its fine.

Above all no one leaves OAU and forgets TOWN-GBORO, they certainly have their good sides and bad sides.

So, have you had any memorable event with them? kindly share with us in the comment below.


  1. So true. But you didn’t add the ‘first-bus stop’ ones. They never stop at sports,as if they are forbidden from doing so

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