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Stress is the reaction of the body when one feels threatened or anxious. This could be positive as in anticipating a major event in one’s life or negative as in feeling being threatened or insecure.

Stress in OAU comes in many forms,it is the culmination of many straining and demanding activities. Students worry about how to read to pass,how to cope with various lecturers and the tempo of activities on campus,when to do things,infact a myriad of things lead to stress. Other causes of stress include over reading,consistent sleep denial,mental drainage,constant participation in activities that drain one out etc.

Unfortunately students on OAU campus are exposed to these Dynamics daily,having this in mind,we have come up with 5 ways OAU students can successfully manage stress;

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1. Take care of yourself

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You have to take a good care of yourself,as we say OAU stress no dey finish,don’t let the situation you are in take the better of you,try to eat healthy, well-balanced meals.

2. Talk to others

Exercise on a regular basis and sleep as much as possible. Keep being hygienic and watch for the magic.

. Share your problems and how you are feeling and coping with a parent, friend, counselor, doctor, Imam or pastor.

Secrecy and frustration has led so many OAU students to committing suicide,try to tell people around you what you are going through,ask for help and don’t be shy to talk about yourself to people that might help you,your helper might just be at the corner.

3. Avoid drugs and alcohol

Students are known to resort to drugs and depressants when they are hit by the heavy hands of academics. While not being emotionally capable of handling their quagmire they take to different drugs just to kill away their cause of sorrow which might range from a carryover to a breakup to a demanding lecturer etc.

These may seem to help, but they can create additional problems and increase the stress you are already feeling,in addition to this,the drugs may later end up giving the unlucky student psychological problems.

4. Take a break.

Lovestruck youths turn out to be the most dangerously affected by stress when their partners ignore them or when they are in a rocky relationship they don’t want to leave.

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If you happen to fall into this category,the best idea for you is to take a break and give yourself time to evaluate if you are actually needed in the relationship or if it could still go forward,breaks could be as short as a day to cool of the stress or as long as you feel but be sure to come out of this resolved on your next point of action.

5. Recognize when you need more help

Students having high hopes when resuming OAU are usually hit hard the most because they have set high goals for themselves but their results are making them look like dullards.

These set of students take the results badly and act in harphazard ways. If you are such a student,when you come across such things,keep your calm and take a break.

If problems continue or you are thinking about suicide, talk to a psychologist, social worker, or counselor/course advicer,they will be of immense help,you know it’s a soldier that didn’t die at a war that lives to fight another one.

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