If you work in Nigeria, your salary is estimated to be in the range #35 000 to #300 000 depending on your profession, the firm at which you work and most importantly the state you work. However, some professions still earn an exquisite amount as their monthly salary. Given the current economic condition of Nigeria, some will find it doubtful to hear the intense salaries some certain professions are earning. These high salary level depends on some factors such as – experience, level of education, skills, demand in the industrial and economical market etc.
Below are the 10 highest paying jobs in Nigeria ;

1. Chattered Accountant: Chattered accountants are employed mainly to audit accounts, detect financial fraud, manage the financial structure of the organization. They are at times employed on contracts. Chattered accountants usually have professional certificates from ICAN, ACA, CIMA, ACCS and any other accountancy related professional bodies. Chattered accountants earn an average of #350 000 – #3 000 000 .

2. Surgeon: These are medical personnel trained in medical college to perform general and specialized surgeries. The work involves a high degree of accuracy, responsibility and risks. Surgeons make an estimated amount of about #400 000 – # 2 500 000.

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3.Aeronautical Engineer: They design, develop and produces aircraft and related machines. They also calculate timescales for aircrafts, evaluate flight safety, fuel efficiency and carbon emissions. Aeronautical engineers make an average of #400 000 – #2 000 000.

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4. Pilot: They are also referred to as aviator. A pilot is a person that is trained to control the flights of an aircraft by operating its directional flight controls. They navigate airplanes, helicopters and other aircrafts. They earn an average of #400 000 – #2 000 000.

5. Software Engineer: a software engineer is a person who designs, develop, maintains, test and evaluates computer software. They are involved in managing technical operations and writing codes for new computer and technological applications. They make up to #300 000 – #1 8000 000.

6. Medical Doctor: a doctor is a person is a person licensed to practice medicine, as a physician, dentist or veterinarian. This is a physician ( usually a member of the medical profession – that is trained and licensed to heal the sick ). Doctors make an estimate of #350 000 – #1 700 000.

7. Web Developer: a web developer is a programmer who develops world wide website applications using a client-server model. The applications uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript in the client, PHP, ASP.NET, Python in the server and http for communications between client and server. Web developers in Nigeria earn between #300 000 – #1 650 000.

8. Sailor: this is a person who works aboard a watercraft as part of its crew, and may work in any of the fields that are related to the operation and maintenance of a ship. They work on traveler boats, tankers and big hauler ships and helping with the support, activity, and administration of these vessels. Sailors earn #250 000 – #1 500 000.

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9. Lawyer: a professional ( as by a law school or bar exam ) that is qualified to practice law and represent people in legal matters. A lawyer should earn a bachelor’s degree in Law and must be called to the Nigerian Bar Association. They earn between #250 000 – #1 200 000.

10. Nurse: a nurse is a professional trained in nursing school who works within the health care sector focused on the care of individuals, families and communities to help maintain or recover optimal health. They are trained to care for sick individuals of all ages. Nurses earn between #250 000 – # 1 200 000.

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