OAU is gifted with many magnificent structures and A-grade architectural designs out of which students’ Halls of Residence are not left behind. While some students prefer to stay off campus, some students are always willing to have an hostel in the school environment because it will ease their movement and its closeness to academic environment / activities. There are 9 halls of residence; 4 male undergraduates hostels, 4 female undergraduates hostels and 1 joint postgraduates hostel. The hostels were constructed at a particular area designed for residential purposes only and there are at least 5 rows of building in each of them.

Some males and females usually express delight in flaunting their hallStarting from the least,\n5. MURTALA MOHAMMED due to the technical lay-out of the amazing architectural designs. All halls are good and habitable but there are factors that judge how well and suitable a hall is to be among the best. Factors such as beauty, structure, space among many others make us compile this list of the 5 best halls of residence in Obafemi Awolowo University.

Starting from the least;


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Located at the near extreme of the University, the hall is the only postgraduate hostel situated in the University and its ability to accomodate both genders comfortably makes it unique in the University. It has the advantage of less crowd, available water, intact sporting facilities, quietness amongst many others. Many undergraduates visit there a lot as well to do one or two things. Its worthy to be in the 5 best hostels on Obafemi Awolowo University campus.

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One of the best male hostels on campus located near the university health centre, the hall is known as the capital of OAU and the home of bants otherwise known as ‘Aro’. It was named after the western and national icon and University Patriach, Chief Obafemi Jeremiah Awolowo. Awo has the advantage of being the one of the nearest two to the university health centre and it has jaw-breaking structures in it. It is also a very lively hostel filled with activities. It also has the most used cafe where many students fill in to read every time.



Moremi Hall is the closest hall to the academics area. Its structures are also topnotch and the layout of the building seems perfect enough to make the list. Neatness in Moremi can not be farfetched and the availability of consistent water supply can not be overlooked.


Unarguably the best female Hall of Residence on campus, Akintola Hall is also the most beautiful hall and a dream for most ladies to live in. Akintola hall has a well layout pattern and it also has the advantage of being close to many strategic areas.


The best of the bests located near to the epicentre. One of the halls of residence that male students of OAU always aspiring to be allocated is Fajuyi hall. It is located beside Akintola hall, close to Students’ Union building (SUB). It’s the closest to many critical locations at a go— ranging from the OAU market, the sports complex, the health centre, the academics area, the religion ground and many others. Fajuyi hall has magnificent structures, sufficient space and its neatness is also one of the best on campus. Full of vibes and ‘needed’ silence at most times, it is undoubtedly the best Hall of Residence on campus.

All other halls are also great but some factors edge some in making the ranking compilation.

Did your favorite hall make the list?

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One reply on “5 BEST HOSTELS IN OAU”

  • Harbisoye
    November 19, 2020 at 1:55 pm

    Baba fajuyi is not the best hall at all….
    Awo is the best with availability of water , awo is the one having biggest storest in the campus, come to think of case center where there’s enough space to read comfortably llllpl


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