5 most frequented lecture theatres in OAU

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OAU as an higher institute of learning boasts of a considerable number of lecture theatres although they in no way match the demands of students.

Amongst these Lecture theatres there have been some that sits students for lectures,get visits, accommodate night readings and enjoy activities in it more often than the others,these may be for several reasons including sitting capacity,comfort and purpose. In lieu of this,we have compiled you a list of the most used lecture theatres in OAU.


Amphitheatre was originally built for graduations, convocations and matriculation ceremonies but over the years,it has evolved to now being the lecture room for large classes such as special electives,PHL101 etc.
With a 5,000 sitting capacity, Amphitheatre is one of the most used and most frequented lecture theatre in Ogbafemi,hardly does a lecture day pass without the theatre hosting at least 4-5 large classes and several other smaller classes,it however doesn’t support night reading unless you want to give mosquitoes a fest on your body.

Faculty of Administration Extensions

Better and more conveniently known as Admin extension. The Faculty of Administration Extensions is an extension of the Faculty of Administration as the name implies. The building hosts four lecture theatres available to the public.


These lecture theatres have now been renowned to be the most frequented lecture rooms in OAU. It’s proximity to the Halls of residence has made it a choice location for students and it’s the favorite spot for night reading among students even while it boasts of one of the fastest fans and best/softest seats on campus,it however is one of the lecture rooms with the highest concentrations of Skirt and blouse and it’s usually noisy.


The AUD I and II are a twin iconic lecture rooms that belong to the Faculty of Arts. Whilst being one of the oldest buildings in the University,they have both also garnered widespread popularity among students and lecturers alike as they have cemented their spots among the most frequented lecture rooms.

Whilst aging gracefully,AUD I and II have played host to lectures,night readings,concerts,ASUU meetings and even Sunday Church services. It however also hosts a large number of mosquitoes due to it’s broken glasses and always open doors.

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Oduduwa lecture theatres

While people especially OAU newbies are still wondering as to how three different structure fit in together into one,OAU students will all accept that the ODLTs I and II which are one of the structures fit into the Central OAU complex(Assembly Hall) alongside the amphitheatre and Oduduwa hall is one of the most frequented lecture rooms in Ogbafemi.

Tucked under the imposing Amphitheatre,the ODLTs have had more than a fair share of usage. Hardly any student of the school will say that they haven’t been at the lecture rooms for some activities before,it is one of the most bustling places in OAU,it never sleeps and is the main centre of dissemination of OAU info.

Health Sciences Lecture theatres

Popularly referred to as the HSLTs,the set of three lecture rooms belong to the College of Health Sciences and it has been an hotspot for students of the College and the University in general.
Though relatively far off from halls of residence,the lecture rooms still receive a large amount of students,lecturers and other sets of people during the day and even at nights due to its powerful bulbs and good seats,the lecture rooms are also functional and the HSLT C is one of the largest lecture rooms on campus.

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These are the most frequented lecture theatres in OAU,while some are visited for it’s proximity,others are frequently used for their size,some others are still used for their lights and fans but they all have something in common,they are the most frequented lecture theatres in Ogbafemi,if you have a different opinion or objection,feel free to drop it the comment section.

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