Indonesian man collapses after being flogged 150 times for child rape

An Indonesian man collapsed while being flogged on Thursday for raping a child in conservative Aceh province, where public whipping is meted out as punishment for violating Islamic law.

The 19-year-old writhed in pain and cried out as a masked sharia officer whipped his back almost 150 times with a rattan stick in the town of Idi.

He pleaded for leniency, asking that the punishment be stopped and was briefly treated by doctors before another round of flogging began.

The man who was arrested earlier this year, had been charged with molestation and rape of a minor whose age was not revealed.

He was sentenced to 146 lashes, a particularly high number reserved for the most serious crimes.

“The maximum sentence is meant to be a deterrent,” Ivan Nanjjar Alavi, an official from the East Aceh prosecutor’s office, told reporters.

Aceh’s public whippings which is widely criticised by rights groups usually attracts hundreds of spectators, but crowds have dropped due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

The province allows whipping for a range of charges, including gambling, drinking alcohol, adultery and having gay or pre-marital sex.

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