At some point, we’ve all been in a dilemma or confused state thinking about the best restaurant with a nice ambience to go for a date or to treats one’s partner for a special occasion. Well, that’s because we want the best location to do just that.

In this piece, we’d be laying claims to 5 places in Ile Ife that will give you the befitting comfort and nice scenery that you crave for yourself or your partner…

1. Indulge:

One of the top 5 restaurants with great ambience. It is located on OAU campus at New bukateria. They have a variety of foods, drinks among many other refreshing substances. It is widely recognized for its orderliness, good customer service, nice ambience. If you want a good nice treat with a sense of privacy then indulge is the right stop for you.

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2. Country Kitchen:

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Located at Mayfair, Ile-Ife along Ondo road. It one of the most sorted restaurants in Ile Ife. It a wide area space. So, if it a joint date or with friends then you’d have enough space with exotic comfort to yourself. Their meals are tasty, delicious, and readily served. There’s little or no privacy but the scenery is a thing of great respect. It a nice food outlet with pocket-friendly price tags.

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3. Captain Cook:

Located at Mayfair along Ibadan road. It one of the best eatery in Ile-Ife with varieties of intercontinental and local dishes. It has a very good and relaxed ambience with relatively cheap prices for their meals.
It an excellent spot for a date or to treat your partner.

4. Banwill Cuisine:

Situated on Obafemi Awolowo University campus at New Bukateria, it one of the few best places on campus with amazing good meals. A very great scenery with very pocket-friendly food prices. There’s another branch in Ola-Asheriffa’s estate as well. With Banwill, trust to have a good meal.

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5. Mr. Biggs:

Another restaurant to always sort for when considering going for an outing. What makes this place way remarkable is the good customer relation. They attend to you in the best manner possible and they as well have the best dishes around the district. It is located at Lagere, Ile Ife. Mr. Biggs at Lagere boasts of its clean environment with shiny ambience.

These are the few best places to treat one’s partner or date in Ile Ife with great comfort and pocket-friendly prices at hand.



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