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There are three basic needs of human beings, namely; food, shelter, and clothing. That means man is and will always be in constant need of these three basic needs and OAU students are not exempt from these needs.
In this blog post, we’d be mentioning a few of the Best markets for students in OAU Campus in terms of availability of wares, cheap wares, and good customer service.

1. Lagere Market:

Topping the list of great markets for students in Ile Ife is the Lagere market. With a wide variety of traders, one is left with many choices of who to patronize. Not only does the Lagere market boast of its multi traders but also of the wide market area. It a spacious area with several intersections leading to other selling areas. The market is a 5 days rotational Market but this doesn’t mean they don’t trade on a daily basis. In fact, as early as 7-8 am, the market is already crowded with traders and buyers exchanging goods, services, and money.

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2. Sabo Market:

Moving on, the next market one can vouch for is the Sabo Market. It is a few minutes’ drive away from the Lagere market. It one of the biggest markets in Ile Ife. Despite being a designated market spot for the Hausas, the market place still comprises of traders from different ethnic groups. You’d get anything you’d sort for in the Sabo market especially vegetables, salads, fruits, tomatoes, pepper, onions, yam, yam flour, palm oils, livestock, fresh and cheap perishables. Traders are always ready at their spots for the day’s sales as early as 4:30 am.

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3. New Market:

Having its location inside the Obafemi Awolowo University campus, it remains one of the most sort after markets for students especially for those staying on campus. Not only is its geographic proximity best for students but it also has relatively many traders that come every day for the sales of their wares. It is just a 10 min drive within the campus, so one can always get there at a very fast pace and shop for the intended things.

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4. Mayfair market:

Situated alongside the Mayfair axis road. The Mayfair market is graced with student buyers due to its location at a student area which is Mayfair. The Mayfair market is popular for its varieties of wares and also relatively cheap prices..

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5. OAU Gate market:

It is situated at the main campus gate along Ede and Moro road. It a market where one can get all foodstuffs that one needs. Although, it not a well organized market but it a nearby one for getting everything one needs..

It will be worthy to know that these are not all the markets in Ile Ife but these are the ones best for students in terms of geographical proximity and relative cheap prices.


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