Top 5 tallest buildings in OAU

OAU is blessed with so many tall buildings with the likes of its Mathematics, Humanities, Social sciences, Law, Amphitheater, Library, Pharmacy buildings and a host of many others.

This article provides the list of arguably the top 5 tallest buildings in OAU.



Tallest buildings in OAU, Senate building

The current senate building is the tallest building in OAU. This is said as such because you get to see a bit of it from anywhere on campus. Its towering building adorns the skyline of the University. It is not only one of the tallest building, but also a beauty to behold due to its amazing architecture.

The Senate Building is placed at the center of the university and can be easily found by all and sundry. It consists of about 7 floors such as Floor O, M, to mention but a few.
The Senate building houses the offices of the school administrative such as The Vice-Chancellor, and other administrative directors that control the affairs. Most, if not all decisions concerning the University are made here.

Senate building

The current Senate Building which houses more than thirty offices is the second one the University has had since the school’s conception. The first one was initially a fifteen floors building.

There is also a third one in motion. This one is to be erected beside the College of health sciences. This new building is said to take the form of a gigantic ship (like the Titanic).



Tallest buildings in OAU, Faculty of Agriculture

The Faculty of Agriculture stands over 60 feet.
The tall and broad structure holds six department namely:
I. Soil Science
II. Animal Science
III. Crop Production and Protection
IV. Agricultural extension
V. Food and Nutrition Consumer Practise.

Each floor is occupied by a department.
The Faculty was previously the senate building in the early years of OAU.
The Faculty isn’t only known for its height but also it’s extensive buildings attached to it such as the Ajose lecture theatres and farm.

It was rumoured that there was going to be an installment of an elevator some years ago but it died down.


There isn’t anyone who is heading to the top floor who wouldn’t pant and sweat on the second floor.



Tallest buildings in OAU, Amphitheater

The amphitheatre is an extension of the Assembly Hall(now Oduduwa hall). It was first commissioned as one of the most imposing structures in OAU.

Amphitheater was built by renowned Israeli architect Arieh Sharon and his son Edgar Sharon within 1972 and 1976. The Greek styled amphitheatre could measure up to a 3-storey building whilst still boasting of being able to sit an estimated 5,000 students at a time.

It’s imposing appearance coupled with it’s tallness has earned it a place in the list of tallest buildings in OAU and perhaps campuses across the country. It’s now being used for large classes,concerts and events and houses two other lecture theatres of its own ODLT1 and 2 alongside many shops and business places located in it’s premises.



Tallest buildings in OAU, Faculty of tech building

The faculty of Technology at Obafemi Awolowo University was established in 1979 which is located behind the University’s ICT centre.

It is a three-storey building that is very tall and it is said you can see as far as SUB and Fajuyi hostel when at the topmost of the building.

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The first technology disciplines in place at the time of creation was within the Science and Agriculture faculties of Ife and the units then included were Agricultural Engineering, Food Science and Technology, Chemical Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science.

Since the establishment of the new faculty, new technology units such as; departments of Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, and Civil Engineering have been added to the scope of the faculty.

Faculty of tech building

The new faculty is well equipped with technology resources, laboratories, and comfortable offices and interesting teaching methods for students and lecturers.

Department of Chemical Engineering in the Faculty was the first of its kind in the entire country.
Construction of a new faculty was in the initial blueprint of the founders of the University, but the improvement of the technology education within the country in 1979 was a major factor that led to the creation of a new faculty.

The first registration for all engineering courses is done in this building.
Climbing the building using the staircase is really tiring, but that is part of the learning and struggle process for education at the University.


5. EDM (Environment Design Management Building)

Tallest buildings in OAU, EDM

It is said to be the longest building in the university and also in West Africa. With its existence from 1970, the building was re-magnified In 2019 to become one of the best structures in the university.

It is believed to be longer than Faculty of Pharmacy, historical museum and health sciences combined.

The building houses tons of lecture theatres, laboratories and lecturers offices.
Based on scientific analysis, it has a wide area of about 0.3km and that’s a whole lot more.

EDM building

The Faculty has in its folds a total of 6 departments which includes, Architecture, Building, Estate Management, Fine Arts, Quantity Surveying with Urban and Regional Planning.

One can barely pass the area and not have a look at the magnificent building of Environment Design Management.



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