Landlord Cancels 2020 Rent For Students Living In His Hostel , Can your landlord do the same ?

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2020 has been a tough year” is the understatement of 2020. Yet many landlords expect tenants to pay rents for accommodation they didn’t even get the chance to use, I don’t know of other schools , but OAU resumption had been within (March – April ) for the past two years which practically means 80% of students are either supposed to renew their rents , or already paid for one . Nigeria in March, closed schools and other places of large gatherings when it enforced lockdowns of major cities so as to prevent the spread of Coronavirus .So as an OAU student , you are either paying for an expired rent you didn’t stay in or a freshly paid one that you didn’t use up to two weeks

I just hope FG is ready to settle the conflicts that would happen between students and landlords once school resumes because it’s going to be a tough one .

Personally, I feel this matter should be settled diplomatically within both landlord and tenants reaching a compromise but that isn’t the case of many landlords, especially the ones in Ile-Ife that have already started calling and sending messages regarding rent renewals. All they are concerned about is, tenants paying their full house rent .

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Honestly, this landlord (Mr Stephen Ukpabi) deserves an award for “The most generous landlord” and I hope all other landlords especially the ones in ile-ife will see this and try to emulate this great act (PS – please make sure your landlord sees this blog post😂)
Mr Steven Ukpabi , landlord of Sungai Pacific Lodge Umudike took to his facebook page to announce that he has canceled 2020 house rent fee for occupants of Sungai Pacific Lodge Umudike ,
He wrote on his Facebook timeline



“All the students living in Sungai Pacific Lodge Umudike who paid their rent earlier this year 2020 before the STRIKE/COVID lockdown, your paid rent have been shifted to 2021, debtors included, any new payment will start counting from 2021. “

Occupants in Sungai Pacific Lodge Umudike don’t know how lucky they are 😪

What do you think ? Do you think your landlord can do the same ? Kindly share this post to your hostel group chat and share with us your landlord’s reaction via any of our social media pages.(@insideoaumedia)

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