What You Should Expect From the Scheduled Jan. 19th’s Senate Meeting

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It’s been almost 11 months since Federal Universities like OAU were shutdown due to the ravaging Corona Virus, followed by a long-term ASUU Strike, and then, the EndSARS Protests. Throughout the period, many students have proven to be serious minded by getting online certifications, trainings, starting up a business, freelancing, etc. – they got something doing, so to say. However, there is the need to resume academic activities as staying home for a year more could leave the world with devastating effects in the education sector for generations to come.

As many students long for the resumption of schools and all academic activities, some others seek ways to circumvent the process because they’ve got something big brewing, and returning to school could be catastrophic for them as they claim. It is however important for them to return to classes, and in the light of this, the OAU Senate will be holding a meeting tomorrow, the 19th of January, 2021 to decide on a suitable resumption date for students.


Take a quick look at what you should expect from the meeting:

Resumption Date:

Being the Crux of the meeting, a large number of OAU students can’t wait to hear the date on which they will be resuming to the Campus; for some it’s because they’ve missed their friends, some have just missed the scenery of the Campus, it might also interest you to know that some just want to run from chores at home, and the monitoring spirits they call their parents. Well, you just might have to wait till the end of the meeting tomorrow for the resumption date.

Academic Calendar:

By the end of the Senate meeting tomorrow, students would get the refurbished Academic Calendar for the abridged 2019/20 Academic Year. This will help them keep a track record of activities that’ll run throughout the session as well as slated dates for them. Wait for it!

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Guidelines / Safety Protocols on Covid19′:

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Knowing that the Corona Virus has been one of the major reasons for the long stay at home, resumption of activities will however be keen on curtailing the spread of the Virus. As a result, at the end of the Senate meeting on the 19th,  you should expect protocols that will be observed on the OAU Campus once school resumes to help curb the spread of the Virus. Students will therefore be obliged to observe the protocols.

Learning Procedure – Virtual/ Physical classes:

You just might be wondering if the school’s Management will risk the resumption of all students at the detriment of their health. Well, let’s leave it for the Senate members to decide and relay their decisions to us tomorrow, whether classes will begin online OR they will hold physically in the Lecturer Theatres. Meanwhile, there is a News flying around that Online classes will be the school’s decision.

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Hostel Accommodation arrangement:

A typical OAU Student, I mean one who stays in any of the Halls of residence on Campus will agree with me that the way students live therein is enough to spread the Virus if at all a student has contracted it before coming down to Ifé. It will however be expedient for the school authorities to decide on what should be at the various Halls. This means that there will be stringent rules guiding the conduct of students in their different Halls – You should get set!

For Updates on what the Senate finally decides tomorrow, do stay tuned and expect more from us at the top of the hour!

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