5 Set Of Students That Aren’t Happy About OAU Beginning Virtual Classes, Which Do You Fall Into ?

It’s no longer News that the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile – Ifé has stated that most of its students will be holding their classes virtually, which will most likely be done from each students’ different abode in remote locations.

Prior to that announcement, some students already had their plans; what they were going to do once they return to Ifé, the shots they will shoot, their emancipation from house wahala, etc. It’s however quite unfortunate that the plans of such students have been defeated as the decisions made by the schools Senate has left them disappointed.

See some of the already defeated plans of many students…👇🏽

Oppressor: Oppression! Oppression!! Oppression!!! Hmmmm… This is what is in vogue – different people just oppressing others with all sorts.
This was definitely the plan of many students who had amassed wealth throughout the long break; set awon benefit boys, Crypto currency geng, et al, they’re now set to resume school to oppress the other students with their dressing, their new rides, their achievements and all, leaving the other students bewildered and making them feel less of themselves. Well, good enough, we’ll only be resuming Virtual classes and there won’t be room for any of such oppression. People who planned to oppress others must be very disappointed that they lost the chance – If you’re one of these oppressors, we thank God say naa Online classes, you cannot come and oppress me, biko!

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Couples: After a very long break, boo has definitely missed bae, and resumption would have been the best thing to happen to people in this category. But for Covid’s second wave, biko, you’ll have to chill small till it is safe to resume school. Don’t worry, bae / boo is not running, dem dey for you! Jus chill ehnnn, it’ll be fine. Did I hear you say konjii do you strong thing? You just have to wait…

Toasters: Throughout the break, some guys took it upon themselves to know, hook up and woo some ladies. As in, they connected with them via social media (although they might have known themselves on Campus), and have made know their feelings. In fact, the relationship is already bubbling; you don’t want to know! They were however looking forward to resumption in order to meet this new babe. But you heard the news, right? E shock you? Naa so me sef see am ooooo. My brother, you’ll have to wait another wait till a date is announced for physical resumption. Sorry for the disappointment, bro. Mama no go let you comot for house

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Lazy Children: This table ehnnn… Especially for the O.A.U. Ladies. Chaaaii! Imagine me, a guy going to wash the whole plates at home. Oh! Sorry, Girls and Boys! They’ve been shying away from doing the chores at home, but they shaa managed to do it throughout the break. However, when other schools began to announce resumption dates, they definitely began to jolly, because they’ll also be resuming soon too. Finally, I’ll be free from these Chores! Eeyah, Pele my dear, the work has just begun! Not only do you have chores at attend to, but a number of online classes plus assignments to meet up with. Oya smile naa…

Freedom fighters – hoping to be free from monitoring spirit – their parents: Many parents have been tagged monitoring spirits by their wonderful children. During the long break, many did not get the opportunity to go out at all, not even a step outside their gate, except it’s time to go to church or to get something at the market. In fact, for every call that comes in, their Mum is always there to know who the caller is. No freedom in your father’s house, nawa ooooo. The souls of those in this category was lifted when resumption was proposed, but merely getting to hear that classes will be held online, from home at that, got them into depression. They were really disappointed! Big time!!
Sorry dear friend, I know God will intervene. Oh! Did your ‘monitoring spirits’ even let you see the ‘Citation’ Movie? I guess not – Abi temi ti fé ma poju? God will intervene! Lol.

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What more disappointment(s) did you get after the announcement was made? Let us know in the comments section below.

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