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‘Women are the salt of the world’, succinctly, OAU ladies are the salt of the institution,no doubt. Spiced with so much alluring traits and even crazy ones, how these ladies have managed to habituate themselves with common hallmarks even though they are from distinct background is amazing.
If you come across any lady with the following characters, indubitably, she’s either an alumna or an undergraduate of OAU:


Generally, no one would want to take pictures with a dull background or in and untidy environment and OAU babes are not left out.
Regarding the beautiful and artistic structures in OAU, you’ll always see a girl or the other taking pictures in different poses at different beautiful locations.
Really, OAU babes no dey carry last for fine foto wey get better background.

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The beauty of OAU ladies is of so much quintessence to behold. Irrespective of their age, level or department, OAU ladies command a HIGH level of regard with respect to their physical appearance; their enthralling looks and magnetizing aura would make anyone look back twice to catch a glimpse of their sight.
OAU ladies can be described as the Peacock version of female humans.

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An average lady in OAU will always go for a guy in a seniior class. It’s no new sight seeing a Part 1 female being in a love relationship with a final year student,you should also not be surprised when you see a relatively small lady going for a tall guy.

It’s no news that every set of Angola guys complain a lot about this,there was even a song sometimes which resonates their anguish and despair when their Mozambique Queens takes off with a maurading Awo hall guy.
Many have brought forward different arguments for and against this tendency with maturity, experience and the big guy factor being stand out arguments. The truth is,we don’t know how and why it happens but we see it happen and ultimately OAU ladies love it that way.

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OAU girls always go out with handbags..
Every lady should have a bag or more in her possession, it is a part of them, it is a part of their dressing, their fashion and allthat entails..
But the particular bag being referred to here is not the physical bag we are familiar with, it is the human bag.
It is so rare to see an OAU babe moving without someone they call their “bestie”, this bestie can be a boy or a girl, but they are mostly boys. Anytime you see an OAU girl with a guy, he’s always the bestie ( no one knows what happens behind). I rest my case!


If you are looking for the most radicalized set of female students in Nigeria,just come to Ogbafemi.

With female lecturers and alumni who have set wonderful and mind blowing precedents as role models,these ladies are ready to tear down anything Manish,guyish or masculine,just bring it in any variant and see them rubbish it for you.

Their taking a 100 level Sociology course, SSC101 is enough to galvanize their feminist spirits as a lady lecturer rolls out her achievements and fight against a heavily patriarchal society to the dismay of proud guys.
Well,OAU guys have found ways to maneuvre their fantasies.

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Being students at Africa’s most beautiful Campus, as well as a recognized & well respected Varsity all round the globe, you’ll usually see O.A.U. ladies brag, as they’ve built their confidence and self esteem (a high one) round this fact.

They believe they are privileged to be students at one of the best schools, and thus, will always raise their shoulders high, especially in the midst of friends from other schools.

To check if this is true, you could just stop by on Campus and ask a random lady what she feels about O.A.U., without hesitation, you’ll hear her brag and tell you that no other school sums up to O.A.U. – of the greatest gbagba, of the greatest gbogbo, of the greatest ssshhhhhh…


As per the normal average brilliance of virtually all OAU students, OAU ladies are one of the most brilliant campus ladies ever.
A normal look at them might give you a false impression of them because it’s either their dressing is too flashy or too dull but don’t be deceived. Engage them in a chat,then sit back to see how they blow your head off. It’s no joke they are the ones breaking departmental and school records.


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