Face of IOI competition, all you need to know

Inside OAU Magazine (IOI ISSUUE)
Inside OAU Magazine (IOI ISSUUE)
Inside OAU Innovations, announced on Wednesday 20th, January, 2021, the start of face of IOI Issue contest(February Edition).

Amazingly, this competition has been tuned to accommodate students from all Nigerian universities, Isn’t that dope?

Now, as a student in any of Nigeria’s campuses you can participate in this contest and also win alot of prizes. Including, a feature on the IOI magazine, IOI Issue, getting branded items-T-shirt, caps, bands and many more, up to 5k worth of airtime, ambassador certification and more exclusive deals and rewards.

Most importantly, this competition is now being sponsored by the parent company of Inside OAU Innovations, Trybe City.

Trybe City is a bigger company providing legit and exclusive services to all Nigerian campuses, through its multiple subsidiaries. Including the, Trybe Blog, Trybe Radio, Trybe Wiki, Trybe market, Trybe Tv, Trybe Service and many more.

Click to read the IOI MAGAZINE

The face of IOI Issue competition (February edition), will run from January 29th till February 12th, 2021.

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Moreso, the competition would be held every month for a new face of IOI Issue monthly.

To participate contact

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