What to tell your parents so that you’d be allowed to resume physically for the virtual class. (A short-insightful read)

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Just like you and every other students, Obafemi Awolowo University management in a way burst the bubbles of our hope and joy when they released a broadcast on Jan 19th, 2020 about our resumption and the mode of our lectures.

We were all keen to what would become of the Senate meeting that held that day hoping something exciting would be the conclusion.
Fine, the broadcast got released and it was stated that our academic session would continue. We were all happy and joyous with that news because nobody wanted to waste another academic year and besides old age is already settling in.

However, the clause that followed the former statement was what burst the bubbles. The bubbles of joy. It was further stated that our mode of lecture-taking would be virtual and only final year students of the Faculty of pharmacy, clinical sciences, and part 4 Students of Agriculture are to come into residence.

At that moment, most of us felt cheated upon and angry “Why on Earth would they allow only final students of some departments into campus and residential area and cast us out to stay at our homes like sinners?.
Some were so agitated that they even planned on protesting against the new mode of lectures with the hashtag #SayNoToOauOnlineClass.

For a fact, we can all agree it was a necessary move by the management. In a way, they were trying to not take Covid 19 precautions for granted and also to follow the tide of technological development into the academic system by initiating a virtual class.

To those that will say blah blah blah or yen yen yen to that statement above, don’t worry, you are the reason why this blog post was written.

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So, we don’t want to take the management’s word for it. That’s not a problem but we would also have to be convincing to our parents (especially those that have heard about the virtual class) enough so that they’d let us resume physically.

You sure don’t want to spend another 10-11 months at home, you want to change your environment, you want your academic space, or/and you also want to see your long – seen friends. Then follow up.

These lies that you’d be telling your parents, oh! Sorry, I mean tips are well convincing and should do the trick (wink).

1. Since, it is a virtual class you’d be needing an internet connection to get connected to the online platforms. So, tell them that the data consumption for virtual classes is always high and due to that you’d be using the school’s internet (intecu) which is more cost-effective and fast as well. That’s true anyway.

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2. In case they want to catch the scope of tip no.1 which they shouldn’t normally if you are doing it right. But to avoid loopholes, we use plan B, which is telling them that students will be grouped in subs and the grouping list with its time schedules is only pasted at your department’s notice board.
And to avoid mix-ups, you’d have to see it.

3. The infallible plan: Most of our parents value education so much that they wouldn’t want to let anything truncate that dream of getting educated. Playing to their mechanism, tell them OAU is a school of impromptus and anything can come up anything, especially test and mini-classworks and it would be best for you to be on campus so you wouldn’t be missing any of the information about important tests.

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4. Some courses require extra studies and evaluation. Tell them that you’d be needing access to the school library, since, that will be open, to do follow-ups of your online courses and that besides, some of the books are quite traditional and classified. You don’t find all of them on google.

5. Let them on that not all of your courses will be virtual, that some like electives which are requirements of graduating involve physical presence.

For all these tips to hit the jackpot, you must have been

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– staying off-campus before because you wouldn’t be allow residence
– Have a friend or relative you will be staying with if you don’t have accommodation off-campus.
– planning and willing to get accommodation off-campus.

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Study any of the tips you would be using and master them quite well before approaching your guardians to avoid story that touches.

And if peradventure our master tips hit the jackpot, do well to come with your nose masks and hand sanitizer.
You don’t want to be the reason why the school would have to shut down and eventually ask all to go to their mother/father homes again.

And if it doesn’t work. It is on God!


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